A fro in China

So my fro and I safely arrived in China (Baoding) about 2-3 weeks ago. It’s been an interesting few weeks too, trying to get accustomed to life here and meeting many different people. Before leaving Botswana I of course put my hair in braids again so that I didn’t have to worry about hair during my settling period. However 3 weeks later I was itching … Continue reading A fro in China


Box braids and fake locs

If you follow my shenanigans on Instagram (@bstar_88) or on my Soul Canvas Facebook page you know that I’m currently in box braids! I am absolutely in love them! I needed this break from my fro. It is missed but in the mean time I am enjoying the illusion of long “hair”. I have tons of fun styling them as the online inspiration is never … Continue reading Box braids and fake locs

IMG_1990 - Copy

My love affair with afro twists!

About 2 weeks ago I braided my own hair! Sort of… (I got some help from my cousin). A friend of mine had the foresight to bring 4 packets of afro kinky braid from her holiday in Ghana and she was kind enough to sell me 2 packets. I say kind because she’d initially intended to use them herself. The extensions I used are in … Continue reading My love affair with afro twists!

Image source: Curly Nikki

Protective style idea: Marley Twists

I’m so mad I saw this after I got my braids!!!! The Good hair blog has a protective style challenge running currently and the host of the challenge came up with marley twists as a style option. The reason I’m so excited about this style is that not only does it use extensions that look like natural hair, but that we can find the extensions … Continue reading Protective style idea: Marley Twists


A little heat and some braids…

So December is around the corner and the heat in Botswana is at an all time high. We are constantly being assaulted by 36 degree temperatures which is ridiculous. I can never get used to the Botswana dry heat, it’s unbearable! And my hair agrees. It’s been throwing a tantrum lately: refusing to stay moisturized, frizzing and just being unmanageable. I had planned to braid … Continue reading A little heat and some braids…