My current hair products (+trip to the Great Wall of China)

Finally did a second product re-up and I think I have found a combination that I am happy with that doesn’t burden my wallet too much.


For shampoo and conditioner, I have gone Chinese permanently and stick to a brand called 源自然 or From Nature.

Shampoo: Natural honely locust aloe shampoo

All the ingredients are from plants including honey locust (which my previous shampoo also had), lemon, lotus leaf and aloe vera. My hair absolutely loves it! It feels so soft after washing that I could skip the conditioner if I have no time- and have done so a couple times. The company also threw in a free bottle of ginger shampoo which I am yet to use.

Conditioner: Natural ginger conditioner

Since my previous ginger conditioner didn’t impress me too much I decided to switch to From Nature’s conditioner. Ingredients include ginger of course, pepermint, mulberry and tea oil.

Hair oils


I have been using coconut oil since I came to China (and before), now I have added Olive oil and Jojoba oil. I use them both in my hair spray mix ( which I add water and aloe vera juice to as well) and in my shea butter mix. Aside from the oils, I religiously use Cantu shea butter leave in conditioner which sets me back 100 RMB or about 16 USD. However when it’s finished I want to switch to Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing smoothie.Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream_1

Overall I am happy with my products, I don’t feel the need to buy more. Even if I did buy more I wouldn’t know how to squeeze them into my hair regimen. I simply don’t have time to fuss over it these days because I have martial arts training twice a day. My usual go to hair style if my hair is not braided is a high puff. Below are some pictures a friend took during a martial arts showcase that our University’s martial arts society held as a farewell to the graduating students.

I also took part in a Martial Arts Competition in Beijing where we attended a couple of workshops, visited the Martial arts society HQ in Beijing and got to visit the Great Wall. It was my first time going to the Great Wall and to be honest it did not live up to it’s hype. It takes about 5 minutes for one to get over the size of it then you’re just walking on a really big wall in the sun while trying to avoid bumping into people. The section we visited in Beijing (Badaling 八达岭) is the most well preserved and easiest to get to for tourists. There are other sections that are less patronized and I wish we would have been taken to one of those but beggars are not choosers! We did enjoy ourselves nonetheless.


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