My first crochet braids!


13015305_1168444563189852_5123434922608776783_nSo I have finally upgraded my protective styling and stepped into the world of crochet braids. Of course this was looooong overdue, I was just way too attached to my beloved kinky twists. I like kinky twists because I can do them myself. For the crochet braids I need to get someone else to help me which I hate to do.

So in short crochet braids are done as follows: braid simple cornrows-direction depends on the type of style you want to do (middle part, side part, be able to tie hair up etc.), then attach the hair extensions to the cornrows using a crochet needle. To see how this is done I suggest you get comfortable with YouTube which has tons of videos explaining the technique so I won’t go into detail. All in all takes 1-2 hours depending on how nimble your fingers are.

A fellow student did some simple cornrows for me, just straight ones going back. Then we figured out how to attach the hair together. Initially I was going to do it alone but it was so easy she insisted on doing it anyway because it would take her less time13051582_1168444413189867_1187350497642940658_n13007117_1168444353189873_8733542115642622968_n

Made a few rookie mistakes though…

1. My cornrows were way too small, they could have been done bigger.

2. Attached waaaay too many extensions! The hair retailer on Taobao (China’s Ebay) recommended 3 or 4 packs and I bought 5! The hair was way too thick and I ended up having to take out a packs worth 2 days later.

3. The extensions I chose, though meant for crochet braids were absolutely horrid. Constantly got tangled into one big mass and every morning I had to separate the strands as well as I could with my fingers. NEVER buying that brand again.2-Packs-lot-2016-Freedom-Ombre-Crochet-Marley-Braid-Synthetic-Hair-Extensions-Kinky-Twist-Hook-Braid

4. Taking the braids down was a tedious affair given the tangling of the extensions and the size of the cornrows seeing as my hair was now a bit thicker at the bottom.

5. Because I have intense martial arts training sessions everyday I sweat quite a bit on my scalp and having such a big bush of hair was not the greatest of ideas. After 2 weeks I was over the size of the hair and itching to take them down. Need to pick a less bushy type of extension next time.

All in all I love crochet braids as a protective style option and will definitely be experimenting more with them. I kept these braids for 3-4 weeks before taking them down. After a weeks break I’ll probably return to my kinky twists because they’re better suited to my training; easier to wash and won’t get in the way of the exercises.


psb (2) - Copy

These braids also got the “is this your real hair?” question. And my response would always be “Girl! I wish!”, but in Chinese of course! 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. miscellaneousmimi says:

    I got my first crochet braid in February and I loved them. You’re right the confusion is real. Ppl all thought this hair was mine. Unfortunately, I need some more time to grow my hair like this. Lol
    But to cut a long story short: The hair looks good on you. 😊

    1. Brandy says:

      Hahahaha!!!Thank you! 🙂

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