My 2016 hair plan


My current protective style.

So I’ve decided to refocus on my hair care this year, my goals are to gain some inches and have more fun with it. Currently my front hair reaches the bottom of my chin and the back reaches my collar bone, but I think it has been like that for a while now. So I’ve decided to switch up a few things in my routine and to add a few more products to my stash. So the plan is as follows:

  1. Currently I’m in kinky twists again but when I take them down in a month or so, I want to trim my hair. The ends are looking a little tired.
  2. I want to start trying different protective style methods, the twists are getting boring and I am running out of colours to try. I want to learn how to crochet my hair. I found a good source of quality crochet weave hair and Mambo extensions online and crochet needles are super cheap so I figure I may as well get stuck in. I also want to get one or two quality kinky or curly wigs for lazy days.
  3. I need to buy new hair products because my current stash is pretty much done. I want to get jojoba oil, my regular coconut oil, grapeseed oil and olive oil for my shea butter mix and homemade hair spritz. I’m also pretty happy with my natural chinese shampoo so I will continue to buy it and add the conditioner from the same line to my shopping list. Also intend to get bentonite clay (which my hair loves) for cleansing and clarifying.
  4. I have been slacking on my protein conditioning so I will start doing that every time I take down a protective style. My protein treatment involves just adding an egg to my conditioner.

So that’s the plan for this year, now to work the plan!

Side note: I was added to a natural hair group called “Let’s Talk Hair” on WeChat (which is like China’s WhatsApp on steroids for those who don’t know) by a fellow natural and hope to get more tips and ideas from the natural hair community based in China. There is not much of a natural hair community in my university (you can pretty much count the naturals on one hand here because we have such a small foreign population) so it will be nice to get to know naturals from other cities.

May be a little late to ask but what are your 2016 hair goals?


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  1. make up tips says:

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  2. Thank you for sharing your hair journey, its been inspirational read. The hair tips are amazing. I have had natural hair for 3 years now and I must say I have been freestyling with routines here and there…So, my 2016 hair goals are growing my hair, having set routines to keep it healthy (after trails and errors) and lastly to love my hair!

    1. Brandy says:

      Seems like a good plan! Hope it all goes well 🙂

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