Is it 2016 already?!

Wearing my breathing mask on a very polluted day.

It really has been a terrible year or so for me in terms of blogging, and every time I finally do blog I promise myself that I shall increase my posting frequency and never do. I take all responsibility for slacking! But, in my defence, my VPN sucks (need it to access WordPress) and there’s not much to write about in terms of my hair lately. I’ve become stagnant in styling and general hair care because I spend most of the time in kinky twists and change colors to keep myself interested. So far I’ve had black, brown, blonde, dark red and I’m about to try a orangey red. When I am in my fro, it doesn’t last long and I tend to just wear it in bantu knot outs or twist outs which eventually morph into a giant thick puffy fro. Great to look at and easy to do, but not so great for my ends so before long I’m back in twists.

With classmates just before the start of our winter holiday.


This past winter my hair was in red twists, I did them on my own and they took about 2 hours. I unbraided them a few days ago to give my hair a shampoo and protein treatment (added an egg to my a regular conditioner). I used to do protein treatments once a month but it has been a while since I’m often in twists.

Enjoying summer in Qinghuangdao

My summer holiday was in a word, hot! My air con definately worked overtime. It gets “Africa hot” here in China, everyone is a sweaty mess during summer. Most of the men in my city just give up on wearing t-shirts altogether and walk around topless-seriously (we call it bikini season). My city is also quite dry and dusty so being outside in summer isn’t fun, but the evenings are lovely because it cools down a little. Spent the summer in blonde and brown twists which I really loved. Did a little travelling within my province (Hebei), most notable trip being to Laiyuan to climb Mt Baishishan.

Doing Buddha poses (or attempting to) on the glass walkway at Mount Baishishan in Laiyuan.

Towards the end of summer my 1st semester of second year commenced. The weather gradually turned into autumn then winter which means a new set of twists. For my winter holiday I went to Xiamen, an island in the south of China not far from Taiwan. It was much warmer than Baoding but still on the chilly end. I enjoyed it though and had loads of fun not being in snow (I hate snow but it makes for great pictures!).

Pretending snow is awesome on campus grounds.

Winter is slowly (way too slowly) coming to an end and I cannot wait! I also want to try experimenting with crocheting because the twists are getting boring. Plus there is a lot more variety in terms of colours and size for crochet extensions online. I saw some thick blue ones the other day! I just need to learn how to do neat cornrows by myself. I could just ask another student to help but I’m determined to learn the skill.¬†IMG_20160214_170238

Lastly, happy new year to you all (technically I’m not late as it was news years just a few days ago here in China) and here’s to healthier hair and more blogging!


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  1. Welcome back and Happy New year to you too!

    1. Brandy says:

      Thank you! Same to you!

  2. Always enjoy reading your posts. Welcome back!

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