A fro in China: My Winter holiday


So I thought I could expand my content a little and do a few posts about my life in China aside from just talking about hair all the time. I do have a general blog (click here) where I delve into that side of things with more detail however there’s no harm on doing little posts here too!

IMG_1177So when I arrived the weather was heading towards Autumn and in November winter descended upon us with a harshness I am certainly NOT used to. The worst days were -10 degrees C, a far cry from the 14 degrees C temperatures I left back in Africa! Eventually as our winter holiday began in early January, snow joined the party. It was my first time seeing the stuff and I will be fine if I never have to see it again! Haha! When it starts to melt, it gets really cold and the heavier it is, the worse that melting period is. I am excited that we are now getting warmer temperatures, spring can’t come fast enough!

??????????????????????????????? IMG_2814I travelled a bit during my winter holiday. I spent a week in Hong Kong visiting a friend and prancing around with a selfie stick. I felt really awkward with it but because I was doing tourist activities alone I needed it. Constantly asking random strangers to take pictures of me got tiring.??????????????????????????????? IMG_2350I went to see a giant Buddha statue, walked up a mountain, went to the peak were I could see a view of the city, went shopping and got my heart broken because I couldn’t afford to buy out the factory shops, went to see sneaker street (a whole street with stores that only sell sneakers, heaven!), went to visit one of Hong Kong’s smaller Islands called Lamma Island and finally I went to Disneyland! The happiest most crowded, queue infested, money sucking place on earth. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I was below the age of 10, however my inner child was satisfied.IMG_3261 IMG_3247

IMG_3707When I returned to Mainland China I went to Beijing with a friend for a night to bid another friend farewell, he was leaving China to return home for good. I froze my A$$ off!!! I was not prepared for that intense cold. We however got to see Tiananmen Square and walk through the gigantic Forbidden Palace. Had it been warmer I think I would have enjoyed it more.

???????????????????????????????A few weeks later with 3 other friends I went to a “village” not far from my city called Laiyuan to visit a Chinese friend. It had snowed heavily there and again I froze.We mainly spent everyday eating, being asked to pose for photos and eating some more. There wasn’t much else to do there but we generally had a good time. The trip ended with a short drive to the outskirts of Beijing to spend a couple of hours skiing! I took to the skiis like a duck to water and before long was having the time of my life! There is a good use for the snow after all! And I shall make it a point to go skiing more often next winter, I absolutely love it!

IMG_1095Chinese new year was in a word: noisy. The Chinese love their fireworks! It sounded like a war zone for 3 days straight, day and night. The city was a ghost town because everyone went to their hometowns or spent the new year indoors with family.

IMG_3720And finally I spent the last few days of my holiday sleeping in and watching movies and attempting to study for an important Mandarin certification exam I am writing in April. My speaking has improved drastically and I now have way too many Chinese “friends”. They are very friendly and generous people though and they could teach Africans a thing or two about Ubuntu. Overall my holiday was cold but awesome!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. xiaoru89 says:

    Oh wow, I think you went to many places.

    1. Brandy says:

      It’s never enough, I want to see more places! I think southern China is very beautiful.

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