A quick new year catch up!

So I have been absolutely awful at keeping up with my blog lately and I blame that on my terrible time management and slow internet connection (Chinese internet hates most western websites). But in my defense, I have not had much to share. My hair is mostly in kinky twists since it’s winter here (STILL! make it stop!) and my hairstyles alternate between “hair down” and “hair up” so there’s nothing to see here. I have not purchased any new hair products online either because I do not need them yet. Suffice to say hair maintenance has been quite easy going recently.

There is one new thing I have added to my hair routine though, I am taking hair, skin and nails supplements again however this time it’s specifically to restore health to my nails which I have thoroughly weakened due to constantly getting my nails done. I am absolutely obsessed with nail art and here in China it is so affordable! Below are some of my recent nail art designs.


1794551_10152654192819550_8668618318342481363_nThe brand of hair, skin and nails supplements I am taking (Sundown Naturals) were the most affordable I could find online, setting me back just 60 yuan. I got a 2 months supply and the ingredients are similar to most hair, skin and nails supplements. The key ingredients are Vitamins C, E and Biotin. I have prepared myself for mild ACNE breakouts which usually happen whenever I take biotin containing supplements. I also have to increase my daily water intake.

IMG_20150107_100052I will also keep track of my hair growth to see if the supplements work well in that regard too. Will let my hair down for a week during which I will measure it and take before pictures.

I haven’t sat down and reviewed my hair regimen yet for the new year but I soon shall. How fast time flies! I feel as though I did that for 2014 just yesterday!

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New years holidays! One of my new resolutions is to blog more often! Let’s hope I keep it up!


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