My hair lately: of twists, knots and glycerine

A fake day old blown out fro made by dry detangling my freshly unbraided hair.

And the fro is back! I am really hopeless with braids these days. They never last more than 4 weeks, if I’m lucky I sometimes make it to 6 weeks before I am literally fighting the urge to yank out my braids. I just get so tired of the extensions and start missing my hair. Knowing very well that when I do, I will wish my hair was braided after 1/2 weeks.

This time I lasted about 7-8 weeks….however I sort of cheated and switched styles in the middle.

I had kinky twists that I had put in myself which got old after 3 weeks. Then my awesome cousin offered to do box braids for me and I happily took out the twists, washed, conditioned and got my hair braided the very next day. I am currently on a 2 week break where I will treat my hair to all sorts of yummy things like a protein treatment, mud wash and a henna treatment if I have time. After this two weeks is over, fro shall be back in box braids.

A day old shrunken twist out
A day old shrunken twist out

I was using  Dark and Lovely’s Braids n’ Weaves scalp soother and overall I am not really a fan of the product. It does what it promises to do however it causes build up and eventually that build up made my scalp itch. The only way to get rid of it would be to wash my hair which I don’t like doing too frequently while my hair is braided.

My homemade spray of water, aloe juice, castor oil, olive oil and glycerine worked like a charm! The glycerine made my hair ridiculously soft. Before I braided the afro kinky twists, my hair was very dry and wasn’t cooperating with me but since I added glycerine to my hair spray, it has drastically improved. The texture is much better and it is less dry. If you’re in Gaborone and want your own bottle, stop by Clicks Pharmacy (any branch) and purchase it for 13 pula. Make sure to add a significant amount of water to your homemade spray if you intend on adding glycerine.

So far I haven’t done much with my hair besides wash it and treat it to Dark and Lovely’s cholesterol conditioner. This weekend I plan do a mud wash.

A bantu knot out with a head scarf
A bantu knot out with a head scarf

A friend of mine recently reccommended I start doing bantu knots in order to stretch my hair because twists weren’t working as well as they used and my hair was tangling a lot. I have indeed seen the light, comparing the two pictures above is enough evidence. The curl definition I get from knots are much prettier than twist curls too! So rather than doing twists after detangling, I will now be doing knots.

10620509_10152416923344550_9109806318257741058_nHave a lovely weekend ladies!

Be kind to your hair 🙂



13 Comments Add yours

  1. Is this the natural afro curl texture, please? Our store there is one afro curl full lace wig, but the curl is bigger than your texture.

  2. Busi says:

    Your hair is beautiful and really growing healthy

  3. J says:

    Congrats girl! Hard work pays off..

    have you done any henna treatments lately?

    1. Brandy says:

      Not recently but I plan to soon!

  4. matlhodim says:

    I always relate to your texture and love how well you take care of your hair. It looks so healthy and beautiful.

  5. Busi says:

    Hey Brandi. Quick question. Dosen’t glycerine shrink your hair??

    1. Brandy says:

      Yes because it attracts moisture to your hair therefore making it shrink.

  6. lokshair says:

    Thank your share, your hair look very beautiful.

  7. I love the Bantu with the scarf look!

    1. Brandy says:

      Thank you! Very easy to do 🙂

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