In twists again!


Fro’s in twists again.

10410678_790856707615308_7539162412379991323_nAfter washing my hair and returning to the kink, I had a tough few weeks with the fro. I think it was reacting to the weather as we experienced a few week long cold fronts in the past month. The ends were very frizzy and it was tangling more as a result. My twist outs were looking extremely depressed and it was very dry despite how often I drowned it in moisturizer. I decided to stop being so lazy and set aside 2 hours to braid my own hair. I of course did twists with my recycled afro kinky braid. I got some help with parting but I did everything all by myself! *Fist pump*

I started with the front and worked backwards this time, therefore it came out looking much neater. It was exhausting and for some strange reason I chose to do it at 11pm on a weekday. So I was a zombie the next day, but a zombie with neat hair!

While in twists I’m trying Dark and Lovely’s Braids n’ Weaves scalp soother that contains peppermint oil and jojoba oil. It’s main claim is that it prevents itchiness. I have only applied it on my scalp twice so far and I suppose it is working because I haven’t had much scratching or head patting to do in the 2 weeks that I’ve had my twists.


Aside from that, I’m applying castor oil to my hairline and spraying  with a homemade moisturizer daily. My moisturizer is made up of aloe vera juice, castor oil, glycerine and olive oil.

However, I have a confession to make….I want the twists out already! I miss my fro! But I will hold on till month end at least. Loving my hair is such a disadvantage when it comes to keeping protective styles. I never last long though I know after a week with the fro I will want to braid it again. It’s a vicious cycle!

As soon as I take down these twists, I’m doing a protein treatment which will probably be followed by a mud wash the following week. Can’t wait!

What is your hair up to?


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