Sponsored post: How a Trade Show can Breathe New Life into Your Business


Trade shows present many valuable and unique opportunities for many types of business including meeting customers and potential new business, discovering new, better types of doing business and improving their corporate image within their particular industry.
DisplayOutlet-FirstBatch-14-1Some companies may find it difficult to justify the expense associated with joining the trade show and exhibition bandwagon but it really is worthwhile, will help to inject new life into the business as soon as the initial investment is made a lot of the equipment can be utilized time and time again again.
DisplayOutlet-FirstBatch-14-2There exists a great collection of stuff online at Thedisplayoutlet.com which happens to be invaluable to make your trade exhibition booth stay ahead of the crowd and help your small business to enjoy a prosperous trade show or exhibition.

If not many people coming to the show for the purpose of buying the products or services available, when you visit a trade event it is a very similar experience to selling from a retail outlet – there are literally hundreds. Just how many other situations can place you into such close proximity with a huge number of potential new clients? No, I assumed not . . .
DisplayOutlet-FirstBatch-14-3If, admittedly, unsubstantiated, the statistics and figures for trade show attendees are pretty staggering. Whereas figures do vary from state to show and state to demonstrate it is reported that as much as 75 % of people on the show ask at least one company for a quote, 70 % are fully committed to buying products from the show – that’s whatever they are there for. Marketing your products or services using a trade show costs an estimated 22 per cent below the price to get hold of a potential customer through a classical method of field selling.

Many of these figures might sound very impressive but they still don’t guarantee success. Below are a few tips on how to get the most out of your trade show experience.

Define your goals and know what you really are doing there – would you like to increase product awareness, find new customers, unveil a new product / service or on the lookout for future partners? You need to know why you’re there so that you can focus your efforts from the right direction.

Choose your event wisely. Make sure that the demographics in the particular show is fitted to yourbrand and company, product or service. Make certain that enough people are going to attend the show to allow you to reach your pre-set goals.

Rank your leads to make sure that you follow up those which are the hottest. Invent your personal system – perhaps by using a, B, C or using a percentage system to document the amount of interest they showed.

Follow up your leads within a few days from the show finishing. It is surprising how many businesses go to the trouble and expense of setting up a booth at a trade show and don’t even follow-up the leads they get. You should attempt to follow up your new leads within 5 – 7 days of the show finishing for best results.

Evaluate the prosperity of each trade show you attend to determine whether you truly reached your goals and whether it is worth participating in future trade shows and exhibitions.

Don’t forget to check out the products at Thedisplayoutlet.com to be sure that you have all that you should make your trade show booth stand above the crowd. It truly can make a arena of difference to the achievements your campaign.


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