Hair blog hopping (3)

Welcome to my 3rd hair blog hopping post!

Time to see what my fellow African hair bloggers have been blogging about lately….

Our first stop is on Fro Chic where there’s a great article for the newbie nappy heads. It covers natural hair myths, hair lingo you need to know to be able to understand hair blogs and must have items for your hair arsenal. Follow this link and get started!


Our next stop is Natural moisture, an online hair product store based in South Africa. The prices are really reasonable and since I have a few friends in SA I will definitely be appointing one of them my official hair product buyer! Much to their dismay I’m sure. I’m currently eyeing that Bentonite clay and African black soap….black-soap-300x300

Next up is The kinks Hair which is actually an South African online retailer of natural hair products brands such as Shea Moisture (one of my absolute favorites!), Curls and Hairveda. Their website also has a blog and one of the articles that caught my eye was on “5 freaking cool things about natural hair”. Perfect for those days when you’re not feeling so hot in all your kinky glory.blog_w300_4b-natural-hairstyles-stylesWiscellaneous is not a hair blog per say but it does have a hair section. Together with 3 popular South African hair bloggers (My fro and I, Good Hair Diaries and African Hair Blog) and Carice Anderson from Destiny Connect magazine, she co-hosted the first Healthy Hair Indaba in Johannesburg. For those of us that weren’t there she does a detailed recap. I practically salivated at the goodie bag the attendants took home, next time I will definitely be there!1393270314907

So allow me to be a tad bit vain for this next blog hop but we now go to Zedhair to read a feature on none other than Soul Hair! I am now a contributor to the Zambian hair blog and they will regularly put up some of my articles. Just in case you wondered what my story is, follow this link….484797_702549449779368_86469489_n

The next article is from a blog I only recently discovered called Naija hair can grow. This particular blog post addresses those who want to transition from natural to relaxed hair, yes you read that right. Chances are you joined the nappy bandwagon because of damage or lack of growth progress, well no sense in going back to relaxed hair and getting it all wrong again so here’s how to do it rightIMG_1885[1]

Finally we head over to GAHL to check on Joanne’s long term transition mission. She’s going natural without the much dreaded big chop. It’s been over a year now and I must say, she has some fabulous looking natural hair! In this blog post she shares some valuable tips for those thinking of taking on the relaxed to natural transition mission. blogger-image-1952331894



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