My experience with mini twists


I tried something new with the fro and thought I’d share how it went.

If you recall, I had braided some kinky twists on my own some time back and after 3/4 weeks I took them out to give fro a break. A week into my break I began gettin tired of fro again. I had some great styling moments but other than that I stuck to the trusted twist out.1970714_738429576191355_642921086_n 1970628_738429622858017_2017035441_n 10004011_738429552858024_1934334168_n

1375717_735840359783610_610586516_nLast week I was gearing up to run a half marathon (21kms) and needed my hair to be in a protective style for the run and the days leading up to it. On Tuesday I decided to do mini twists and I loved them. My front hair reaches my chin while the back hair reaches my shoulder so I couldn’t leave them down when styling, I had to do styles that had the twists up. I decided to tuck all the twists towards the middle of my head, making a hump with the front section.1972335_738429599524686_203116102_n

_20140331_183249 (1)I absolutely loved the mini twists as a style! Low maintenance and they looked cute. I simply sprayed daily and oiled my scalp with castor oil once. By the day of the run (Sunday) the twists were extremely frizzy, but it didn’t matter because I planned to take them down afterwards. Annoyingly though, my ends had tangled causing some stubborn knots I had to cut out. I was not happy about that. I think next time I will not leave them on for more than 3 days to avoid that or I will try oiling my ends more to reduce the amount of tangling.

I did not like how fro looked after taking the twists down either. It was very frizzy so I dove into my wash day routine and suddenly decided I would braid kinky twists again. I got out my braid extension which I am reusing, gave it a shampoo wash and let it air dry. Then over the course of a few hours I sat and twisted my hair. I paused to sleep then carried on the next morning. I think I made the partings a bit too small in some places so I ended up using all 4 packs of my kinky braid. You will notice that this is a different type of kinky braid than the one I usually use. 1907976_741412375893075_91904269_n

However, it is finally done and I can forget about fro for 3/4 weeks at least. I will continue moisturizing daily and basing my scalp with castor oil as usual. I am still taking my African Hair Accel hair pills though I forget to do it regularly sometimes. I hope the breakage from the knots I had doesn’t set me back too far.

After the 3/4 weeks are up, I’ll do my monthly protein treatment and a hot oil treatment soon after that. I’m also playing with the idea of getting it straightened just to do the straight hair thing for a while and to see length progress. Now that I can braid twists on my own I suspect I will be doing it a lot for protective styling purposes.

Hope your hair is happy and healthy!


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  1. Ndeshimona says:

    I really like mini twists. They’re my go to. I like that you’re adventurous with hair styles, they look great!
    I’d love to hear more about your half-marathon! How many have you run? How did you train for it and what do you find most challenging or rewarding? Thanks!

    1. Brandy says:

      How long do you keep them at a time and how do you prevent tangling? I love the look but the tangling annoys me. My post on the half Marathon is on my other blog: Enjoy!

      1. Ndeshimona says:

        I try to keep them for two weeks but sometimes it’s one. I try and moisturize my ends because they’re the ones that get tangled easily. And I do like wearing twist-outs after having the twists in for a bit.

      2. Brandy says:

        Ok I see, maybe my mistake was not moisturizing my ends enough.

  2. Lillian says:

    Love the hair, but my real question is where did you get your earrings from? They are hot!

    1. Brandy says:

      Lol! thanks, i get most of my earrings from Mr Price.

  3. Lebo says:

    Hi, I like the mini twist but I don’t know how to do them?

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