Product review: Jamaican Mango and Lime Hair spray

1000x1000Time for another product review!

I was in dire need of a hair spray recently since all my usual sprays (homemade and bought) were finished. I didn’t have the funds to buy my usual oils and aloe vera juice to make my own so I had to resort to find a cheap moisturizing hair spray that was also good for my hair. For whatever reason a lot of the hair product lines targeted to natural hair don’t have sprays which is very frustrating! My usual trusted JO’M line seems to be out of stock at all local Clicks branches too. I spent about 20 minutes in the hair aisle picking up bottles and checking ingredients like a mad woman until I decided on a Jamaican Mango and Lime no more itch grow spray.

Now my choice was a little biased because one of my hair crushes, model Nerissa Irving, happens to be the face of this line so she uses their products for her deliciously long locs.

Nerissa Irving
Nerissa Irving

The ingredients threw me off a little because I expected natural ingredients only. Unfortunately mineral oil is the second ingredient on the list. However, since I lacked choices I decided to give it a try and if it sucked I would simply not buy it again.


Deionized Water (Aqua) , Mineral Oil , Olive Oil (Olea Europaea Oil) , Glycerin , Polyquaternium 32 , Propylene Glycol , Diazolidinyl Urea , Methylparaben , Propylparaben , Fragrance.

It promises to quell any scalp itchiness, moisturize, encourage growth and claims to not be greasy. And did it deliver?


  • Very light and not greasy! – After some research I have discovered that mineral oil is lighter and not greasy, while petrolatum/petroleum and lanolin are the greasy heavy ones. So of the 3 evils (if you’re a natural product devotee) mineral oil is the lesser one.
  • Moisturizes and softens hair – Please note that I tend to use it after working out when my hair is already damp. When using products with mineral oil or petrolatum it is advisable to dampen the hair first with plain water so that the oil will then lock the moisture in.
  • Reduces itchiness – I use it after I work out and sometimes sweat makes my scalp itch but since I have started using this product, I’ve had no such issues. (But it can only do so much and sometimes your hair could be itching because it needs a good wash)
  • Smells lovely! – I can’t get enough of the mango and lime scent, heavenly.
  • It’s cheap! – Costs less than 30 pula at Clicks Pharmacy.
  • It doesn’t cause buildup – The light and non greasy characteristics also mean that you don’t end up with a thick layer of product buildup on your scalp.


  • The bottle is badly designed. Doesn’t spray very well sometimes because the spray pump gets clogged so it requires a good shake once in a while.
  • Contains mineral oil – that may or may not be a disadvantage depending on your preference. It’s not really a disadvantage for me because it works very well regardless.

The product line is targeted to those with locs but they will of course work for those with fros and relaxed hair too. I may try a few more of the products next time a need arises. I’m quite pleased with this spray and I already bought my second bottle yesterday! Let me know what you think of this product if you have tried it!

Check out the Jamaican Mango and Lime website here, and their facebook page here.


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