Braided up again!

Just a quick update on ma hurr! 🙂

Decided to braid my fro up for the festive season because I don’t want to deal with it while at home and while travelling. I bullied my lovely cousin into braiding long medium to thick black waist length braids which didn’t take us too long.IMG_20131220_170139I love these because they are kindest on my hair line and faster than doing smaller braids. I don’t like sitting for too long. They also take 5 minutes to unbraid when the time comes. Plus if they get a bit fuzzy I can actually re-braid them myself with minimal effort. Like last time I asked her to make the hair sections slightly bigger than the amount of extension per braid so that the braid does not pull on my hair.

IMG_20131220_170318Maintenance is simply spraying daily. I just washed them today and I kept it very simple. I diluted some Earthsapp Tea tree shampoo mixed with a tablespoon of ACV and poured over my scalp, using my fingers to clean the scalp but not too vigorously. I then let the mixture sit in my hair for a few minutes after which I rinsed with cold water. I then mixed some Earthsapp Grapefruit conditioner with water and poured it through my scalp and braids. I let it sit for a few minutes and rinsed with cold water till I was satisfied I got out as much residue as possible. Wrapped up my braids in a towel like I do for my fro and let the towel absorb the excess water for about 2 hours. By the time I took the towel down my hair was 80% dry. I sprayed it with my homemade hair spray and roughly applied my whipped shea butter to my scalp and braids. Then I let the braids down to air dry. I used cold water to keep frizzing to a minimum, I hate it when my fro frizzes through my braid extensions.

IMG_20131220_170451Not sure how long I’ll keep the braids in, I usually start getting antsy after one month but I’ll see how long I can last.

Happy holidays to you and yours! I’ll be posting through out the holidays so if you get bored drop by one of my 3 blogs; Soul CanvasA hungry African and this one!


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  1. luckyluwi says:

    hi nominated you for a Liebster award, check out this link for more info

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