Henna and my hair

So a week ago I decided to finally give the henna as a hair dye thing a try again. Using pure henna this time and not a hair dye that has henna as an additional ingredient. You can find pure henna in Indian spice shops, I bought mine at Fruit and Veg city in BBS Mall.

I used the following “recipe”:

  • One medium size pack of pure henna powder
  • Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar
  • Half a cup of raspberry and peach tea (has hibiscus as an ingredient)
  • A couple of drops of lemon juice.

I mixed the ingredients to make a thick yogurt like paste and let it sit for the whole day. I was intending to only apply it on my hair the following day but then I got impatient and bored and decided to do it around 9pm…ridiculous now that I think about it.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????I applied it on damp shampooed hair, covered it with a plastic bag, then shower cap and finally a head wrap. I put vaseline along my edges to prevent the dye from coloring my skin and also protected my hands with gloves. I was ready to be done with it an hour later but the instructions I was following said 3-4 hours minimum. So I gave up and fell asleep. The next day I only decided to take it down after lunch because I was lazy. I rinsed it out as much as I could then made the mistake of not shampooing my hair again, instead I went straight to the conditioner. And so followed a series of unfortunate events. After conditioning and rinsing, I did an ACV rinse thinking my mission is accomplished. Moisturized, detangled and twisted as usual, put a satin cap on and left it till the next day. In the morning I untwisted my now dry hair to find tons of henna residue! So much that my hair actually looked like I had rolled in red dust. I had to wrap it up again to deal with it in the evening. I shampooed it again and of course I had to condition it again. It was exhausting. I detangled, moisturized and twisted again! The next day it was looking normal again. However, I could have avoided all this nonsense if I had just shampooed it the first time! I wasn’t too pleased with myself.

About a week on and I wouldn’t say I got noticeable colour out of it but my hair’s no longer jet black which makes me happy. A few more henna applications and I’m sure the colour will show eventually. I will probably do another one in 2-3 months. My hair was very hard and wiry after the henna application but the conditioning restored its softness. It still feels a bit “tough” though but not in a bad way.

I’ll be sure to leave the henna mixture over night next time to allow the colour to be fully extracted and I will definately not skip the shampoo part! Results below…

20131201_140326 20131201_140331 20131201_140336


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nancy says:

    Any texture changes?
    I did henna today

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Slightly, not a drastic change. But you have to use a good deep conditioner!

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