My hair right now and new products!

Since the beginning of summer, I’ve been trying to hide my hair more often because the temperatures currently are just criminally high! A regular day is between 28 and 35°C which can’t be good for the fro.

For about 4 weeks I was in chunky afro kinky twists which I absolutely loved. They were low maintenance and light unlike regular extensions. I even managed to fool people into believing they were actual locs! Did the usual in terms of maintenance, spray once or twice daily and apply castor oil to the hair line. Two weeks in I washed the twists with a natural shampoo (Earthsapp Tea tree shampoo) which has become my favorite now. And when I remembered I’d also base my scalp weekly with a herbal oil I got from the Health store. 1238316_653245684709745_1849281320_n

2013-11-05 06.52.41 2013-11-04 09.12.01By week 4 I was dying to have my hair back so I took the twists down and had fun with fro for a weekend. My hair was incredibly tangled so I detangled in 2 steps: did a finger detangle when taking the twists down, then used a comb after washing and conditioning. The following week, I spent in wraps and chances are that will be the case until I braid it again. I let fro out on weekends but other than that it’s in twists under a headwrap. I’m lazy. 🙂

1465271_666017960099184_1692865716_n 2013-11-12 15.13.05 2013-11-13 08.18.35 2013-11-14 09.03.04I did my required protein treatment for this month last weekend and I can’t get over how messy this egg business is! Followed it up with a deep condition with ORS Olive oil masque. It’s back in twists now and under a wrap. Next weekend I plan to do a henna treatment which I have been putting off for months! Trying to find hibiscus tea for the henna mixture but if I fail to find it, I’ll just do it without.

I got some new products which I am so excited to use! A lovely American lady who had come across my blog happened to be making a trip down to Botswana and I begged her to bring me some stuff. Total cost was 380 pula or 43 USD. Below is my new loot: Aussie Moist, Shea moisture deep treatment masque, Shea moisture curl and style milk and Shea butter leave in repair cream.

???????????????????????????????My hair better act right after I treat it to these goodies!

Side note: for those who live in Botswana and want to get their hands on some Afro kinky twists, contact me on 76655349! I still have some packs in stock. P100 each.



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  1. Dignified says:

    I do henna treatments twice a month, if u can’t find the hibiscus tea u can use amla powder, I read online that amla is slightly acidic (not harsh like lemon juice) so it can be used to speed the henna dye release. My natural hair colour is brown n I dnt realy like it so I wanted to change it a bit , I love the hair colour now… Indoors I looks darker but not black and in the sun it looks reddish orange, I just love the results. I just mix 2 tablespoons of amla powder with henna powder, then add water (room temp) to make a paste and let it sit for 24 hrs. I always deep condition after henna. Ouh and I love ur head wraps, I could use them since m currently transitioning (21 weeks post relaxer), my god! It takes me 3 hrs to detangle on wash days, I always have to take a break in the process 😟, I wash my hair in sections and it helps a bit.

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Wish I had seen this comment last week! I did a henna treatment during the weekend and used apple cider vinegar instead of lemon juice. Maybe the amla powder would have helped.
      Yes head wraps are my best friends! I’m so lazy. This week has been tough for me styling wise, fro and I are not getting along.
      3 hours to detangle?! You’re stronger than me!

      1. Dignified says:

        3 hrs 😦 , my hair tangles at the demarcation line… I just don’t know how to handle the two textures on wash day I have even resorted to washing once every 2 washing once every 2 weeks. Yah u should try the amla powder next time, and let the henna sit a long time before applying it, 24 hrs works better for me then i leave it in my hair over night 🙂 .

  2. Linet says:

    When you do the henna treatment, please do a heavy pictorial your hair before, during and after, please thanks!
    I also want to do the henna and am just wondering how its going to turn out.

  3. silent_observer says:

    where did you get the kinky hair?

    1. Ms Z. says:

      I was selling it and I got it from a lady who brought it from Kenya. Unfortunately it is finished now.

  4. Amy says:

    Hey just wanna know, where can you find the shea moisture deep treatment masque in Botswana? Been looking for it for a while now, please reply soon. Thanks

  5. Vimbai Chawawa says:

    Hi. Where did you get the amla powder?

    1. Brandy says:

      I have never bought any amla powder, I was only able to find henna powder. It was one of the readers who commented that used amla powder 🙂

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