My current hair products….

So I thought I’d do something fun and share what hides behind my cosmetics in my closet….

???????????????????????????????These are all my hair products!!

The struggle to find good products for natural hair is a constant one but at least from appearances I’m surviving! This is mainly due to Clicks Pharmacy opening here in Gaborone, the health stores, the kindness of some of my fellow fro bearers living abroad and ladies who sell imported or natural products locally.

I buy 4 types of products; products for washing & conditioning hair, products for moisturizing (both sprays and creamy moisturizers), products for sealing (butters and oils) and styling products. I will go through them one at a time below, give the product source and price where I can remember.

???????????????????????????????These are my washing products.

  • The Dove shampoo for damaged hair I bought from one of the grocery stores (Pick n’ Pay, Spar etc) and it is easy to find. It will set you back about 50 pula.
  • The Herbal Essences shampoo was a gift from a friend and as far as I know it is not available locally.
  • The Apple cider vinegar I purchased from Link Pharmacy at the Main Mall next to Jet department store. It is 20 pula per bottle. I dilute 1 tablespoon of vinegar in a cup (250ml) of water and use it to rinse my hair after washing and conditioning. I rinse out my hair again to wash out the apple cider vinegar mixture.


These are my conditioners. This is the product I buy most because it finishes the fastest.

  • The Herbal Essences was a gift.
  • I purchased the Hair Mayonnaise from Clicks Pharmacy but it is generally found in most hair specialist stores (Trader at the Station, Dynamic Cash and Carry at the station, Knockout Cash and Carry at the station and most grocery stores). It cost me 30 pula because it was on special but it usually retails for between 60 and 70 pula.
  • I bought the Amla Legend rejuvenating conditioner from Clicks Pharmacy. It is a new product and so far I’ve only seen it in Clicks. It was on special for 33 pula but I would expect it to be between 60 and 70 pula as well at normal retail price.


These are my various moisturizers.

  • The Curls spray was given to me by a friend.
  • The cottonseed curl boost is available at The Body shop Riverwalk. It was on special for 55 pula but usually retails for 98 pula.
  • The JO’M dreadlock oil cream (with grape seed oil and glycerin) was available at Clicks airport Junction branch, I haven’t seen many JO’M products in Clicks lately though. Hopefully they will replenish their stock soon because I love their sprays. It cost me 55 pula.
  • The African Pride moisturizing lotion is available at Clicks. Not sure what the retail price is because this particular bottle was given to me by a friend. However, I’m sure it’s not more than 60 pula.
  • Both the curl enhancing smoothie and Cantu leave in were given to me as well.
  • The HAIRepair moisture cream is from Clicks. ORS have a new line of products and I was curious to try it. The cream is pretty good but it contains mineral oil so I’m not sure if I want to purchase this product again or if I’ll even finish it, might just give it away.
  • And last but not least, my Body Shop Rainforest hair butter which is more creamy than buttery, cost me 98 pula. That is its regular retail price.

???????????????????????????????Here are my oils! I don’t use them regularly aside from the castor oil which I use daily on my hair line. I usually apply the oils to my scalp  (not the coconut oil though cz it makes my scalp itch) when I’m in braids but otherwise they’re used once or twice a week when my hair feels dry or added to my hair sprays and my shea butter mixes.

  • Natural 7 oil was a gift. It is basically a mixture of 7 oils including olive oil, castor oil, jojoba oil and many others. Essentially you could make your own at home if you are able to source 7 natural oils.
  • The second bottle contains an oil mix that was given to me by Ruth of the Healthy Hair Method. I blogged about it here. I use it for pre-poo treatments, my scalp or mix it with my sprays or shea butter mix. My oils are running low though so I shall purchase new ones soon.
  • The Jamaican black castor oil I purchased from Ruth when she was still in Botswana. But Nubian Seed also sells it locally and you can check their prices on their Facebook page.
  • The Crede Cold pressed coconut oil is from the Health store at Game city opposite American Swiss Jewellers. It will set you back just about 100 pula but it lasts a while depending on how you use it of course. I use it for my shea butter mixes so I only buy one every few months.

???????????????????????????????These are my butters!

  • In the peanut butter jar is my shea butter mix. If you want to know how I make it, read this post. I use it to seal my ends after moisturizing.
  • In the container with the blue lid is unrefined shea butter than a friend gave me some time back.
  • In the tub below that is avocado butter, again given by a friend. However Nubian Seed sells it locally. I don’t use it yet but will make a mix out of it when my current shea mix is done.
  • In the plastic bag is more shea butter, I know I have a lot! I got it sent to me by a friend who used to live in the UK.


These are my styling products. I don’t use styling products much mainly because I’m lazy. Technically, the Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie and the Body Shop cottonseed curl booster mentioned above are styling products but I use them like moisturizers. I apply them during the week when doing twists to stretch my hair or just to give my hair life again after a few days.

  • I use the Tresemme heat defense spray when straightening my hair so it doesn’t get much action since I straighten like once a year. It’s a travel size bottle and retails for about 20 pula at Clicks pharmacy.
  • The Elvive styling mouse was sent to me ages ago by a friend and I think I have used it twice. My hair feels product heavy after using it so it’s not a favourite for me. If I do use it, it’s always the day before wash day. I’m fairly certain it can be found here though I’ve never looked. I only say this because Elvive products are available here.
  • Another product not pictured that I have is Fantasia IC olive styling gel. It’s alcohol free and I use it once in a while if I’m really feeling like I need slick edges. It was sent to me from the UK so I use it sparingly.

And that’s it! Those are my hair products! I used to be a junkie but now I force myself to finish one product before starting another if it’s not harming my hair and I only buy (keyword buy) products I need. If I’m given though, I won’t say no! Currently trying to phase out my Dove shampoo and Herbal essences products so that I can finally get a shampoo and good conditioner from one product line!

I must really love my hair because I treat it to a lot of goodies!


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  1. torinev says:

    Your collection though! Wow. I’m in Namibia and I’ve been struggling to find Raw Shea butter.
    I LOVE your blog! I

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