New product alert: Amla Legend by Dark and Lovely

I went into Clicks pharmacy yesterday in search for a reasonably priced deep conditioner since my ORS mayo is about to finish. Some green/blue and yellow colours caught my eye and y’all know I love me some attractive packaging!

I had seen this product in passing on Good Hair Diaries and in her review she seemed pretty impressed with it. So naturally I picked it up to give the ingredient list a once over. The most attractive thing about this product though? The fact that it was on special! I could not resist only paying 33 Pula for a deep treatment masque as opposed to the 70 I would have paid for ORS Mayo.

The selling point of this product line? See below…

Dark and Lovely ALI’m happy to see more natural oils known to be great for hair are being added to products or being part of the formulation of new products. It’s awesome for healthy hair fanatics, relaxed or natural.

The products Clicks has from the line are shown below (I did the sly camera phone thing for y’all)

20130814_11410120130814_114109Those prices are just so damn criminal!

My jar of hair mask is untouched. I’ll probably use it this weekend, because I’m excited, or I’ll hold out till next week. I’m honestly drowning in regular conditioner so I should aim to use up those first. IMG_6144

In other news, I started using the Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and Cantu shea butter leave in a friend of mine left for me before she returned to the States. My hair feels AMAZING and it’s baby hair soft right now and I’m loving it! How unfair that these products are not available here!IMG_6147

I will shed a tear when they finish.

I was also given an African Pride Olive Miracle braid sheen spray and I have been pleasantly surprised by it. I don’t give sheens the time of day because their job is to just add shine to braids or extensions, I’ve never associated them with moisturizing or conditioning qualities. I took the time to read the bottle and it’s actually a generally good spray. I’d been hating on it for no good reason. My only problem with it is the strong scent. It’s quite overbearing. Other than that, I was pleased with it and will add it to my list of hair spray options. It’s light so it’s good for daily use because it won’t cause too much build up.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. allmycurlyhair says:

    Let us know how the dark n lovely amla legend products affect your hair. My mom and sister are relaxed, they used the relaxer kit and it completely damaged their hair. But I don’t know much about the masque or other products

    1. Ms Z. says:

      I heard the same from another reader, looks like their relaxer needs some work. I haven’t had problems with their masque though and my cousin has been using their shampoo too with no complaints. I guess the relaxer needs to be avoided.

  2. Lets says:

    cani i use the replenishing hair mask on my natural hair? i’m a bit sceptical that its just a mild relaxer

    1. Brandy says:

      Yes you can, it wont relax your hair.

  3. Christine D says:

    OMG I for oneam furious. I have just relaxed my hair after being excited to try this out for a week. It says leave in for 20-25 mins- welll..I dnt even finish covering my entire head before washing that rubbish out. My head was burning seconds after putting the creame on my head which is extremely odd. I recommend people STAY AWAY!!

  4. Herma Hirst says:

    Dear Christine, i would be interested to talk to you about your experience with this product. I work for a firm of solicitors and have been contacted by a lady whose hair fell out after using this product. Did you contact the manufacturers after your experience.

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