Talking hair with Dané Mellad

Over the winter season, I volunteered for an exchange program and through it I happened to meet the lovely Dane Mellad. She is African American and happens to have natural hair. Predictably, a couple of our conversations centered around hair and eventually I got the courage to ask her to feature on my blog. In the interest of time and convenience, we decided to do it on video.

L-R: Dane and I.
L-R: Dane and I.

Dane has been natural for just under 3 years and her hair is approaching bra strap length. In the video we talked about her hair regimen, products and styling. The video was done at night and it was a struggle to find a place with good lighting so please excuse the video quality 🙂

Take a peak!

Here are more pictures of her hair in twists, straightened and in a cute twist out.




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  1. dineo says:

    so loving it ,it keeps me in high hopes that one dau my natural hair will be like that….by the way which exchange program did you volunter at?

    1. Ms Z. says:

      It will! Just look after it and the growth and health will follow!
      CIEE, Here’s their website

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