Box braids and fake locs

If you follow my shenanigans on Instagram (@bstar_88) or on my Soul Canvas Facebook page you know that I’m currently in box braids! I am absolutely in love them! I needed this break from my fro. It is missed but in the mean time I am enjoying the illusion of long “hair”. I have tons of fun styling them as the online inspiration is never ending.

2013-07-01 13.22.302013-07-01 13.20.232013-07-04 08.28.01I prepped my hair by shampooing and deep conditioning it with my ORS mayo treatment. I also gave it an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse after the deep conditioning. I moisturized detangled and sealed as I always do after a wash. I put my hair in twists then let it air dry. I headed over to my cousin’s house with 6 packs of Darling yaki extensions (4 black and 2 red) on a lazy Sunday afternoon and got comfortable on her living room floor.

In about 3 hours or less we were done. I gave my cousin strict instructions to make each portion of hair slightly bigger than the amount of extension she intended to attach. I got this tip from Mary at Kurly Kichana and that advice was gold! None of my braids have loosened up at the root yet despite the constant styling I do. They also didn’t hurt along the hairline during the braiding process. My edges are safe! No pulling or tension because there is a lot of hair supporting the braid rather than too much braid stressing the hair.2013-07-02 09.11.06I hope to keep them on for at least 2 months and just as well because I will be very busy in the next few weeks. I do have a fashion show coming up though but I’m crossing my fingers and hoping they won’t ask me to remove my hair because it’s only a week old!

Daily care is as follows: spray with homemade hair spray (made from a mixture of aloe juice, water, JO’M dread lock cream and hair oil mix) and apply castor oil to my hair line. Whenever my hair starts to accumulate build up or starts itching I will give it an ACV rinse and condition it. I have decided to stay away from shampoo through this period because it’s just so tedious to do with long braids. Whereas with the ACV, I can spray and just leave it in for a few minutes to do it’s thing.  As I am using a natural conditioner (Earthsapp) I won’t have to worry about rinsing it out thoroughly, that is the part that tires me the most. Looking forward to a fro free 2 months! And hopefully some length gain too after I take them down. I am so ready for this winter to be over!

And while we’re discussing braids, I thought I would share my friends interesting hair style. Her name is Ama and you’ve seen her here before showing off a rolled and tucked bun. She got some kinky twists done a month or so back and she didn’t want to take them off though quite a bit of hair had grown out at the roots (what we would refer to as “growth” in our relaxer days). A hair stylist at a salon suggested twisting the “growth” so as to make her hair look like it is in locs. She can keep the look for a month before her hair begins to loc. Check out pics below. ??????????????????????????????? IMG_4105She has been getting “your locs are so beautiful” compliments ever since! Little do they know it’s all an illusion and there’s a huge fro under that! Gotta love black hair!


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