A treatment and trim at Lady Vanessa

During one of my modelling jobs, I met a stylist that works at Lady Vanessa (Airport Junction branch). When he began working on my hair, he told me my ends were damaged. I was getting ready to defend my hair’s honour when he showed me the ends that were breaking off as he was blow drying. This completely crushed my spirit because I’m the hair care girl! Haha! How could I have damaged hair?!?! However, I reluctantly accepted defeat and asked him what I had been doing wrong hair care wise. Now given my experience with hair dressers in this country I didn’t expect any sensible answers but I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

Lady Vanessa hair salon
Lady Vanessa hair salon

He first asked if I wash it often enough to which I replied yes, I wash once a week and moisturize it very well. He then asked if I use too much heat on it, I said no, I use heat twice a year at most. He then asked when the last time I got a trim was, jackpot! I hadn’t had a trim in AAAAAAGGGGEEEESSSS!! Last time I trimmed my hair was in the middle of last year! Imagine that! Honestly it had completely slipped my mind. Even in my relaxed days I rarely trimmed my hair, a bad habit I need to kick. In addition to this I rarely check if the hair that collects in the comb during detangling is broken hair or shed hair, shame on me. We asked him what he recommended and he said I should get a treatment (at his salon of course) and a trim. He told us his salon uses Mizani products and they also have the True Textures line for natural hair. How awesome is that?! I immediately set a salon appointment with him for the following week.

Ready for some pampering!

On the following Tuesday I excitedly went for my appointment. I now knew that he knew his stuff but could he actually work with my hair without complaining about the texture or suggesting I retreat to relaxer one of these days?

My view from the wash station
My view from the wash station

He began by massaging my scalp with a Dry Scalp Tonic Treatment that contains tea tree oil and menthol. I usually don’t like mentholated hair products but the massage was so relaxing I couldn’t complain. I was then directed to the wash station were a very nice lady did the wash and treatment.

The washing station
The washing station

She washed my hair with Mizani’s Thermasmooth shampoo and conditioner and followed it with a Kerafuse treatment if I remember correctly. I got a second relaxing scalp massage during the washing process, how awesome! She also detangled my hair at some point during the treatment and actually went from tip to root!!! I was quite impressed. She also asked (more than once) if she was being gentle enough, I could have hugged her then and there!

Relaxing while the treatment does it's thing...
Relaxing while the treatment does it’s thing…
Wash and treatment done! Notice the shrinkage!
Wash and treatment done! Notice the shrinkage!

After the wash and treatment, the stylist applied some True Textures curl defining cream then gently blow dried it.

After some gentle blowing
After some gentle blowing and a trim

The aim wasn’t to get it bone straight but to stretch it out so he could see my ends properly. After that he did the trim and styled it.I loved the updo! I managed to maintain it for the following 3 days thank you to my satin cap!

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I didn’t realise how much length I had gained till he cut it! When I twist it or style it now I can tell the difference, it is slightly shorter than it was before. I miss the length but the trim had to be done for the sake of my hair’s health or a few months down the line I would lose it all anyway.

I was very happy with the Mizani products! My hair was soft and silky after the treatment, I have zero complaints and if I see Mizani products anywhere I will snatch them up (why aren’t stores stocking them yet?!?!). Price wise, the salon visit was a bit more than I’m used to paying for a wash and treatment but I have no regrets. The total cost of my salon session was 275 pula. The service was awesome, friendly staff and a calm relaxing atmosphere.

A treatment ranges between 180 and 275 pula depending on the type. My trim was complimentary (winning!) but usually a wash and trim (minus treatment) will set you back 170 pula. A wash and set is 160 pula and if you want to go and relax your hair it’ll cost 270 pula. As far as I know they mostly use Mizani products.

Their contact number is 3911721. Go ahead and set an appointment with Skizo and treat your hair, those scalp massages are heavenly!


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  1. Nangamso says:

    The hairstyle is gorgeous!

    1. Ms Z. says:

      isn’t it?! i was so impressed with his skills!

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