How to: make your own whipped Shea butter

Shea butter is a widely popular natural product for hair and it was one of the products I endeavored to buy first when I went natural. It has been a staple of mine since and a couple of months ago, I was taught how to make a creamy whipped butter with it. I have written a post about shea butter’s benefits and put up some links to sites that explain how you can make a shea butter cream at home. I have decided to demonstrate the process I use in pictures as well.

My pure unrefined odourless shea butter

  1. Melt about a cup of shea butter in a double boiler or simply place it in a plastic/glass measuring jug you can spare and gently place it in a pot or bowl of hot water till it melts. Do not melt over direct heat. IMG_3245Add 1/2 a cup of coconut oil and 1/2 a cup of any other oil you like (e.g. olive oil) and a few drops of a scented oil like lavender oil or better yet an essential oil like tea tree oil. ???????????????????????????????I added coconut oil (RETAILS FOR ABOUT 90 Pula at the Health store next to Spur Express in Game City) and my HHM oil mix.
  2. Leave the mixture in a cool place to solidify.solid shea mix
  3. Using an electric hand held mixer, whip the shea butter till creamy.???????????????????????????????
  4. Spoon it into some empty clean jars and store in a cool dry place. ???????????????????????????????

I use it both for my skin and hair. It’s especially great during winter time. I usually buy the body butters shown below (available at Clicks Pharmacy) during summer because I have extremely dry skin and during winter those creams are not enough. So in winter I mix a little homemade butter with the store bought butter in my palm and apply to my skin. It’s perfect! I don’t use the butter alone because I find it a bit too thick so the store bought creams help make application easier.

???????????????????????????????Simple as 1, 2,3…4! There are many recipes and oils you can use for your mix, it doesn’t have to be coconut oil and olive oil. Pick whichever oils you prefer and go give it a try!