My wash routine in video


Video time!

I wanted to share my very simple wash routine with y’all. From the conditioning stage to moiturizing and detangling. I have done this before in pictures I think however I decided to also do a couple of videos which would help clearly illustrate what exactly I do.


I didnt think this stage needed a video. Currently I’m using Dove shampoo for damaged hair but I will change to an all natural shampoo by Earthsap as soon as the Dove is done. I rinse first, apply the shampoo, lather and work it in (concentrating on the scalp) and rinse. I do this once or twice depending on how dirty my hair is. Usually once is sufficient. I then wrap a towel around my head and leave it on for 5 minutes or so to soak up excess water. I do not rub my hair with the towel.

I use: Dove shampoo and a dedicated hair towel or old t-shirt


After a while, I remove the towel and get started on conditioning. I do not wash my hair in sections but I do condition in sections to ensure even distribution. The texture of natural hair makes product distribution difficult so it’s always best to do so in sections. Another benefit of sections is to prevent the hair from tangling while washing. My hair’s current length does not lead to tangling yet so I’m doing it purely for distribution purposes. After I’m done, throw on a shower cap and keep myself busy for 30 minutes or so after which I rinse and wrap my head with a towel.

I use: Earthsap pomegranate moisturizing conditioner and a shower cap

Moisturizing, detangling and sealing.

I choose to do my detangling when my hair is damp and has moisturizer and some kind of sealant applied to it. No specific reason, just general preference. Others detangle at the conditioning stage. I section off some hair, apply a moisturizer first followed by a sealant then comb through hair from tip down to the root. I then divide the section into 2 and twist. When done I leave to air dry or throw on a satin cap and sleep 🙂

I use: JO’M grapeseed oil dreadlock cream, homemade shea butter mix as sealant and a wide tooth seamless detangling comb.

And that’s my wash day routine! Currently I do not pre-poo but I am considering adding it to my routine. I always do the twists to stretch my hair so that styling the next day is easier and tangling is kept to a minimum.


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  1. If you want to have amazing hair – once a week, a masque would be a great idea…look for a product that has hydrolyzed collagen and amino oil in it.

    1. Ms Z. says:

      I’ve been meaning to try out a masque I saw in Clicks. Thanks for the tip! I def will 🙂

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