Styling mission accomplished!

I’m getting better at this self styling thing and now that my hair has grown a bit, I am actually able to somewhat imitate the styles bloggers with longer tresses do. I’ve tried updo’s before but I failed most of the time. The only one I succeeded doing was the cinnabun. After seeing My Fro and I breeze though her 30 updos in 30 days challenge (she inspired some French bloggers to try it too), I figured if she could do it, I could try. So on day one I attempted some weird humpy style, pic below:

???????????????????????????????Basically I divided the hair into 2 sections, front being smaller than the back. Took the front hair, swept it to the side, tucked and pinned it down. The rest of the hair, I pulled backwards. I pinned down the hair above my ear because it is short so won’t reach all the way to the back, but if your hair is long you can probably skip that part. I then took the back hair and pinned it in the center as shown in the picture on the left. I accessorized it with a little blue clip. In terms of preparation my hair had been in twists the night before and that’s it!

updo 2Updo number 2 was inspired by Mz_Tammy from Instagram who does the most gorgeous updo styles though mine is a shabby imitation at best! She also puts up picture tutorials which I find easy enough to follow. This was a continuous twist. Divide the hair into 2 sections again from ear to ear. Make a parting somewhere along the front section. Starting on one side, do an upwards flat twist going backwards. When the hair reaches the second section pin it down to hold the twist. Repeat on the second half of your front parting twisting up and backwards. Pin into place. Now take the free hair in the back section and twist up to cover the hair from the front that was twisted back and pinned down. The idea is to make it look like one long twist with no defined beginning or ending. Mz_Tammy’s picture tutorial is below:

bun2Her hair prep is much more thorough than mine, she uses a bit of gel and some water to get it that neat. I’m more concerned with just getting the style right currently. And check out more of Mz_Tammy’s gorgeous hair styles below:


On day 3, I was a little blank so I browsed through some of My Fro and I’s updos and got the idea of using flat twists. This is similar to updo 1 above however I did 2 flat twists on the hair above my ear then pinned the remaining free hair into an assortment of humps.

IMG_3152My hair was fresh from a wash day here so it was really fluffy and curly from the twists I had put in after moisturizing and sealing. The front section was divided into 2. I tucked and pinned one part towards the side, while I pulled the other backwards (see the picture on the far right). The back was twisted into the center and pinned down (see 2nd picture from the left).

updo 3This one was the easiest and again inspired by Mz_Tammy. Her’s was waaaaaay more complex but I just don’t have the length to pull it off so I had to improvise. The short of it though is that the back hair is pulled upwards, twisted a little and pinned into place. I then put 3 humps at the front with the 3rd pinned in a way to hide the pins at the back. Mz_Tammy’s is much neater though, but with natural hair, a bad hair day always looks like a planned style, ha! My parts are a bit insane but I’ll get it right next time. 🙂


I’m beginning to enjoy this updo thing, and coming from the twist out queen that says a lot! Just as well too because it’s winter time. They’re just so easy and convenient, 2 seconds and I’m out the door. Another plus is that no one can ever tell if it was planned or if it’s a hot mess, as long as it’s up it looks cute. You can always add accessories too to jazz it up too. If you have short hair, don’t stress, you’ll be able to do them soon enough. My next mission is to learn how to add my afro kinky extensions to my updos to add volume. Till then, I’m down with this updo life!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lin says:

    Loving both of the Mz Tammy inspired updos!!

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Thanks! I wish my replications were more precise though :/ Her hair’s so pretty!

  2. Lol, I’m still obsessed with updos. I’m literally living in them and yes no one will quite know whether it’s done on purpose or a hot mess. Thanks for the mention, I’m glad you found some inspiration in my styles 😀

    1. Ms Z. says:

      You’re welcome! Thanks for doing the challenge, styling natural hair is such a headache and you gave me soooooo many options!

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