Fro spotting: Ama in a rolled updo

Meet Ama, a close friend of my cousin. She went natural some time last year and she has some gorgeous thick effortless hair. Even in her relaxed days Ama always had healthy fast growing hair so it’s no surprise her natural hair is just as luxurious.

She kindly let me photograph her hair for my blog, check out Ama’s cute simple updo below.



???????????????????????????????Think I’ll try that updo one of these days!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Lindi says:

    I like a lot

  2. Gegee says:

    love love love..

  3. Breathtaking – the hair and the face!

  4. silent_observer says:

    is that Ama Osei?

  5. torinev says:

    I LOVE this ‘do. Soo my kinda style. This is what I went natural for: Those thick, bun updo styles and a full healthy hairline. Nappy girls are winning with this kind of style.

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