Hair blog hopping (2)

I’m still learning about this nappy hair of mine that I have and the richest source of info is of course other hair blogs (both natural and relaxed hair). Here are the most recent articles that caught my eye and taught me something new…

This particular shampoo is available at Super Spar in Botswana
This particular shampoo is available at Super Spar in Botswana

African Hair Blog gives us the low down on sulphate free shampoos and mineral oil free moisturizers available at Clicks, Dischem and Pick n Pay. I have began using the earthsap conditioner and I LOVE IT! Review coming soon!2012-12-13 15.26.05Christabel of ChysCurlz gives us an account of how people in her home country of Nigeria reacted to her nappy crown on Black Girl Long Hair.

I witnessed torturous sessions with fine tooth combs being raked through dry hair with no moisturizer and women wincing in pain through the whole thing. But as I said before, there is some progress because at least these ladies had the courage to ditch the creamy crack in a culture that is so dependent on it.

Kivauli from Good Hair Diaries
Kavuli from Good Hair Diaries

Zedhair (which has a new look by the way!) features another African Hair blogger, Kavuli from Good Hair Diaries.


Kavuli from Good Hair Diaries shares her pre-poo hair mask formula which she says makes her hair very soft and defines her curls very well.

img_26971My curly potential shares how she got her Havana twists done. They are pretty much like kinky twists or marley twists but she treats the ends with hot water.

hair-type-chartMy curly mind shares a hair chart that tells you how to look after your hair type, whether it’s thin, combination of thicknesses or coarse.

Adichie_photolowresThis next article isn’t from a hair blog but worth a read nonetheless. Talented Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie shares her hair story with The Telegraph.

IMG_4601My fro and I challenged her self to do 30 different updos over 30 days. Check out the last week of her updo challenge here and browse her blog for the other styles she did.

tipsformoisturizedhairinwinter-440x440Blackgirllonghair share some winter haircare tips. I thought this was appropriate given that summer is on it’s way out in our hemisphere.

262752_584107921614599_1406563067_nPhrophro shares All Things O’Naturals fro washing method.

A4lyEH6CYAAt7CxNeno Natural shares her itchy scalp remedy.

gahl length retntion challengeGrow African Hair Long invite you to try their length retention challenge, are you game?

8796440690718Natural Nigerian discusses the link between healthy eating and healthy hair.

DSCN6987And last but not least,in case you missed it, Kurly Kichana’s Nyash debuts her new cut and shares some new products she’s using.


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