The Healthy Hair Method

In this previous post, I introduced a few of the products and items sold by Ruth from The Healthy Hair Method (HHM) and I wanted to give a feedback on how they are working for my hair.


I have almost finished using the hair growth serum that lasted just over a month which I didn’t expect given that it seemed like such a small amount. The serum contained the following: Shea butter, Mango Seed butter, yucca (a medicinal plant used to treat hair loss and dandruff), Baobob oil, Biotin, Argan oil, Jamaican Castor Oil, and Rosemary/Menthol,Nettles extract, Coconut oil and Aloe Vera Gel. All of it is stuff your hair will appreciate. Now of course since I have only used it for one month, I can’t say if it has had an effect on hair growth but my hair did love it. It kept my hair soft and helped it retain moisture. I would definitely buy it again. The HHM catalog states that you should apply this serum to your edges, scalp, and hair shaft and you should expect thicker hair as a result of prolonged use. It is 80 pula a tub.

I have not yet had a chance to use the oil mix she so kindly gave me as a prepoo or on my scalp because I had bought V05’s miracle concentrate oil that I’m trying to finish first. However I have added a little of the oil mix to my homemade hair spray in addition to coconut oil and some Jamaican Black castor oil that I also purchased from Ruth.

IMG_1413 - Copy

I have been diligently using the Jamaican Black castor oil on my edges every morning and in 2 more months I should be able to see results. I have no doubt it will work though because I got results with normal castor oil and Jamaican black castor oil is said to be twice as effective. Despite my everyday use of the oil, the 118ml bottle is still almost full so this will last me for a while!

If you live in and around Gaborone and you’re interested in buying some hair product (sadly the castor oil is out of stock now) call Ruth on 75359168. You can also email her at 

And just to show you the lady knows what she’s doing, gaze upon her healthy long hair below. The day she took the pictures she had straightened it in preparation for getting cornrows. No she did not add any extensions, that is all hers!

Forgive the blur :)
Forgive the blur 🙂

photo (2)


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Lin says:

    That is some gorgeous hair!

  2. silent_observer says:

    I am soon to do my big chop and I do not know where to get it done, which salon do you recommend also may can you do a product review on the blue magic leave in conditioners?

    1. Ms Z. says:

      I think Lady Vanessa at airport junction is a good place to get the chop done. Ask for Skizo, he’s great with natural hair. Here’s a post I wrote about my experience there:

      I haven’t seen any Blue magic conditioners, where are they sold?

      1. silent_observer says:

        ok will do! I am not sure about clicks but they are definitely there in Square Mart and most Choppies stores

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