My love affair with afro twists!

About 2 weeks ago I braided my own hair! Sort of… (I got some help from my cousin).

A friend of mine had the foresight to bring 4 packets of afro kinky braid from her holiday in Ghana and she was kind enough to sell me 2 packets. I say kind because she’d initially intended to use them herself. The extensions I used are in the picture below.


I had written a post about a protective style challenge ‘The Good Hair blog’ had on some time back and one of the styles the host of the challenge demonstrated in a video was chunky marley twists (the same effect can be achieved with afro kinky braid chunky twists). Initially I thought I could do these chunky twists with ‘hard dread’ extensions but I quickly discovered that was a fail.  Armed with my new afro kinky braid I decided to try again. My cousin just so happened to do the same style a week before me and so I already knew it would work.


I started braiding from the back to the front, using this video to guide me on how to install the twists. Being my first time, the back looked a hot mess because my parting skills leave a lot to be desired however I got through it! My cousin helped me out with the front because she’s gives much neater results.

Unfortunately 2 packets wasn’t enough so I had to finish off the front right section of my head with some reddish brown afro kinky braid of a different brand that I got from another friend some time back. That braid was a little trickier to put in because it’s softer and is half the length of the black one. We came up with a way to make it longer though.

IMG_1979So I’ve now been in my twists for 2 weeks and I’m LOVING them. I can rebraid them when they get loose and they blend in with my natural texture so well! I’ve even been asked by some people if it’s my hair (I wish). Some are fooled into thinking they are dreadlocks.The best thing about them? The million ways to style them! Updo’s are so easy to do, the hair pretty much holds itself up, no pins needed. I could tie it into a big knot and it’ll look stylish!


The front looked a tad bit messy after my first wash but I’ve rebraided them now



Anyway, enough about me and my twists. If you have a fro and have access to this braid, (it’s readily available in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa I’m sure, but not yet Botswana) buy it. It’s texture also allows for reuse unlike silky textured braids that only look great during the first use. My hair care routine while in the braids is the same as always: spray daily, wash&condition every two weeks and apply castor oil to the hairline daily.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Megami says:

    oh no i only picked up 2 packs!! i hope its enough lol
    it looks very nice on you, hope i can do a good job aswell, crossing my fingers 🙂

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Lemme know how it worked out! And send a pic if you can 🙂

  2. Madam Kinky says:

    I just found this post when I did a search for Supreme Royal Twist Braid hair, as that was all I was able to find in Lagos. And these are exactly the kind of twists I want to go for. They look great. I actually really love the reddish colour on the front!

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Thanks! I loved the braid and if I could I would live in them!

  3. needthatkinki says:

    where in south africa can I get that braid? I have been hunting for it!!!

    1. Ms Z. says:

      I’m not sure, I’ll ask my fellow bloggers for you!

  4. Janett says:

    Awesome. I SO wanna do it .. my first mistake was doing it with yaki braids and it just came out SO wrong and my mom was strict about it .. i just need Marley braids and I’m fine .. I’m around JHB, any possibilities to ‘\”WHERE” I can find Marley braids ??? (I’m 16)

  5. shweshwe says:

    I was busy looking for Marley hair and I came across this janett hun please tell me where u able to get it around johannesburg??

  6. You do know how to style them well. I have them on and I always have them pulled up in a big puff. Tutorial please

    1. Brandy says:

      I really need to find time and do many tutorials! As soon as I can I’ll do it.

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