What my hair is doing: Funky updo

Now since I’m not brave enough to shave half my head a la Rihanna or Cassie, I decided to go with a funky braided updo that lets me pretend I’m hip, lol. I’d gotten fed up with my hair so I asked my cousin to come and put me out of my hair misery. It took 30 to do and we used the picture below for inspiration:


And this is the end result…???????????????????????????????I wasn’t too bothered about what was going on at top though to imitate it exactly I would have needed some fake hurr (afro kinky extensions) to add some volume. This way it was more flexible because I could do a twist out or tuck and pin it out of the way. I mostly did the pin and tuck thing but once in a while I’d do the twist out.

???????????????????????????????And the view from the back…..IMG_1777And the pin and tuck…IMG_1783IMG_1785This hair style is so easy to maintain too! A simple spray every morning and I’m ready to go! I washed and conditioned it as well but of course got a bit messy and given how itchy my hair is right now I’ll probably last one more day then surrender. It has lasted just under two weeks. I’ll probably do this again sometime soon.


Oh and happy valentines day everyone! 🙂


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lin says:

    Love the new hair do! Would love to try it with the pin & tuck on top…tired of the twist/twist-out life!

  2. Zanthe says:

    Why were you fed up with your hair? Could you pls write a post about struggles of natural hair bc sometimes we go through that but naturals we stray away from that..

    1. Ms Z. says:

      I just wasn’t happy with the way it was looking and I was hitting a brick wall in terms of styling. I will write a post about the struggles though, thanks for the idea! 🙂

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