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A couple days ago I posted a picture of a bottle of Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO) on the Soul Canvas Facebook page and I did promise I was going to explain where I got it.

Through a friend I was told about someone by the name of Ruth who was selling hair products, make up and other things from home. I wasted no time in setting up an appointment to meet her to get my hands on some of that castor oil!

In addition to the JBCO (p200 for 118ml) I purchased a satin cap (p30), lipstick (p60), earrings (p30), a hair growth serum (p80) and she threw in a  free bottle of hair oil for me to try out. Pictures below:

Jamaican castor oil and hair oil mix
Jamaican castor oil and hair oil mix
My new satin cap!
My new satin cap!
Pink lipstick and earrings
Pink lipstick and earrings
Hair growth serum

Now I do already use castor oil for my hairline which goes for 10 bucks at my nearest Link pharmacy so I’m sure some of you are wondering what’s so special about JBCO. Well JBCO is simply a raw, unrefined form of castor oil. According to Curly Nikki:

Manufacturers will use different types of processing methods when extracting oils from plants. And an oil will be either unrefined or refined based on how it was extracted from a plant. Unrefined oils retain most if not all of their nutritive properties, while refined oils will lose some (or possibly all) of their nutritive properties. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is simply a raw, unrefined form of castor oil. So it is a form of castor oil that has retained most, if not all of its nutritive properties. It is simply a high quality form of castor oil. And this is why JBCO is so highly sought after and wildly popular among women.

Currently I am only using it for my hairline (I spritz my hair daily before styling with my Bodyshop rain forest radiance spray then massage a little oil along my hairline) but I do plan to apply it to my scalp weekly or add a little to my hot oil treatments. With the regular castor oil that I have been using I have seen some improvement along the hairline. However, it’s not an overnight remedy so one has to be patient to start seeing results. I have been diligently using regular castor oil on my hairline since June 2012 and it’s taken just under 6 months for the thin areas along hairline to start growing back. However I still have a long way to go.

The oil mix Ruth so kindly gave to me has the following oils in order of quantity:

  • olive oil
  • coconut oil
  • marula oil
  • hemp seed oil
  • grape seed oil
  • avocado oil
  • amla oil
  • argan oil
  • teatree oil

I will of course give a mini review of the products after I’ve tried them. Being that they are natural though I have no doubt they won’t disappoint.

I was told what was in the Hair growth serum but I didn’t write it down and I have the memory of a gold fish so I will update the post when I get the required info. If you live in and around Gaborone and want to go buy something (sadly the castor oil is out of stock now) call Ruth on 75339168. You can also email her at 

She also does 2 hour hair consultations where she directs you to appropriate products and treatments for your hair and teaches you 4 different styling techniques, protective ones included. All her hair products are 100% natural (no sulphates, parabens, silicones etc). She also sells hair weaves, bags, makeup accessories and so on. So call her up, meet her and get you some hair goodies!

Update: Ruth is no longer in Botswana for those who may be interested. However, there is another supplier of various natural oils and butters (including Jamaican Black Castor oil and Argan oil) by the name of Nubian seed. Check out their Facebook page here.


15 Comments Add yours

  1. twababe says:

    May i please have her number i want a satin bonnet =)
    would make life breathable and hassle free

      1. Ms. Healthyhair method says:


  2. Does the JBCO really work ?????

    1. Ms Z. says:

      According to many people it does. But results take a while to show, usually 3 to 6 months.

      1. Ms. Healthyhair method says:

        I have been doing the Jbco challenge for 40 days. My hair is sooo thick at the roots (more noticeable from the rest of the shaft and I have bra strap length hair) it def works. The secret is the black ash in the oil. It stimulates the hair follicles

  3. Ms. Healthyhair method says:

    Hi guys sorry she has my number wrong. It is 75359168

  4. sharon says:

    What is her email address?

    1. Ms Z. says:

      She’s no longer in the country now but if you are looking for Jamaican Black Castor oil you can check on Facebook. They have other products you can try as well.

  5. Shortkinky says:

    Do you know anywhere else where i can get a satin bonnet since ruth is no longer in the country? I have been looking for one all over

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Try clicks at airport junction

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