Product review: The body shop rainforest radiance detangling hair spray

rainforest-radiance-detangling-spray_lI braided my hair early December and took them down about a week ago. My usual moisturizing spray of choice while in braids is JO’M olive oil hair spray however I was unable to locate it in any of the Clicks branches here in Botswana. So since The Body Shop recently opened here in Botswana and I wasn’t too impressed by the other hair sprays I had found in the stores, I decided to give The Body Shop  a try.

At first glance the only thing I liked about the spray was that it was paraben, silicone and colourant free. It also contains  pracaxi oil, bilberry extract, linseed oil and Community Trade aloe vera. I was happy about the aloe but I had never used  pracaxi oil, bilberry extract and linseed oil so I wasn’t sure what to expect from those ingredients. I used it religiously once or twice a day throughout the whole month I spent in braids and I also washed my braids once over the month period.

When I took down my braids my hair was very soft and easy to deal with. I didn’t need to moisturize my hair further to ease the un-braiding task like I usually do. After I was done I forgot to detangle first and washed it immediately followed by a deep condition. I thought I would have numerous tangles to sort out afterwards but it wasn’t as tedious as I thought it would be. I carefully detangled in sections like I usually do and the tanlges came out quite easily. I also noticed after shampooing my hair that it was ridiculously soft, as though I had conditioned it already. Personally I wouldn’t use this product for its detangling properties, more for its conditioning properties. However, I did find some reviews online that claimed it worked well as a detangler so I think at the end of the day it depends on your hair type.


  • Has a pleasant scent
  • Doesn’t weigh down the hair
  • Great conditioner, makes hair very soft
  • Silicone, paraben and colourant free
  • Not greasy or oily
  • Is absorbed completely by the hair


  • A bit too expensive (for me): A 250ml bottle costs 103pula/$13 which is twice the amount I’m used to spending on hair spray. I suppose it’s a matter of weighing the pro’s and con’s against your regular spray and seeing whether it is worth it.
  • Though it’s not a heavy product, lengthy use without regular washes can cause a bit of build up which is usually the case when in braids.
  • Not very effective for me as a detangler though it does make detangling a little less stressful.

I can not comment on the products claim to add radiance, shine or maintain vibrancy in colour treated hair as my afro has not been coloured recently nor does it possess any sort of shine without the help of oils. I do love the product though and if my budget allows I definately will purchase it regularly. I probably overused it while in braids but when in my fro I think I could stretch use to 2 months. I have now had it for about 5 weeks and I still have quarter of the bottle left. Overall I am satisfied, it was a great investment!

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