A little heat and some braids…

So December is around the corner and the heat in Botswana is at an all time high. We are constantly being assaulted by 36 degree temperatures which is ridiculous. I can never get used to the Botswana dry heat, it’s unbearable! And my hair agrees. It’s been throwing a tantrum lately: refusing to stay moisturized, frizzing and just being unmanageable. I had planned to braid it up over December anyway though despite the hair tantrum, just as well.

My cousin is quite busy these days so I was unable to solicit her to do my hair. I had to find a hair dresser through a friend. I decided to straighten it before getting it plaited and on my cousins recommendation I went to Wellness Parlor at Riverwalk mall (near Liquorama). I fear heat! I only use it before plaiting or trimming and this is the 3rd time this year that I have applied heat to my hair.

I bought my own Tresemme heat protectant (25 pula for a 100ml travel size bottle at Clicks pharmacy) for the hairdresser to use and it’s a good thing I did because they don’t have one. They use a styling mist which is not meant for heat styling. I had washed, deep conditioned and detangled my hair the day before so I requested straightening only. I heavily recommend detangling before you go for straightening (assuming you don’t need a wash) because that way the hair dresser won’t have to detangle your hair while blow drying allowing you to avoid unnecessary pain and damage.

The hairdresser (her name has slipped my mind) started by blowing my hair with a big wide toothed comb which made me happy. She did pull on the ends a bit though and I nicely asked that she be gentler. When I felt the heat was too much I also asked her to lower the temperature. Unfortunately their blow dryer did not have a diffuser. I’m contemplating buying my own blow dryer as I currently don’t own one. After she finished, she sprayed more heat protectant and then flat ironed it. Unfortunately the flat iron was a standard one and does not have adjustable temperature, but then again, I’m probably the only person who cares about such things. I would have liked a flat iron with adjustable heat settings.

I got quite emotional during the whole process and almost got up to leave a couple of times when she yanked my hair a tad bit too hard. I really think I should buy the required tools and do it at home next time simply because I become an emotional wreck when someone other than my cousin does it.

Despite my mini fit, I was pretty pleased with the job she did. She took direction well and was very friendly. It only cost me 50 pula for the straightening. If you are too busy to do your own hair, I would suggest the Wellness parlor be your first stop. If you want your hair washed and conditioned, don’t be too shy to take your own products. They can be contacted on 3924287 or 71221441 for appointments.

The end result is below.

I was also pleased with the progress I have made with my hair health wise. It looks healthy, full and aside from my problem area along the hairline, it’s growing very well. My hairline is slowly recovering though and I’ll diligently continue with the daily application of castor oil. I am also planning to start having hot oil treatments with oils that are known to stimulate hair growth. In addition to that, if my budget allows I’ll try getting my hands on T444Z hair food which African Hair Blog reviewed here.

Currently my hair appears to be layered because it was cut evenly when I did the big chop. Therefore, the back hair will appear longer since it is a closer distance to my shoulders, and the front hair will appear shorter. I am not bothered about this though because when it’s kinky no one can tell.

I got it braided the same day and went with my favorite style, thick long braids. Probably not the best idea given the current heat wave we’re experiencing but I am a soldier and will make it work! I made a major error in my choice of extensions though. I went with Darling Yaki bulk and it’s incredibly heavy! I’ve had to reduce the amount of extension in my head by re-plaiting some of the hair. I should have gone with Darling One million extensions instead because they are much lighter. But of course weight could have been reduced by simply plaiting smaller and shorter braids.

I hope to keep these throughout December but the heat may force me to surrender earlier, we shall see! Usual routine will be followed: clarify and condition every two weeks, moisturizing twice a day with my homemade rose water spritz and JO’M grape-seed oil spray and daily application of castor oil to my hair line.

What are your holiday hair plans?


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  1. Luntha says:

    Love the colour of your braids :). Just a suggestion for a blow dryer.. I bought the Babyliss paris ipro2000 from clicks in S.A (last year though, but they might have it in Bots). Although my hair isn’t a fan of heat at all, I really like it because it has a button for blowing cool air, so you don’t even have to use the low heat setting. It takes a bit longer to get the hair straight but it works really well and doesn’t suck up all the moisture from your hair (and it comes with the diffuser attachment).

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely look for that one!

  2. Lin says:

    Your hair looks great!

  3. TWABABE says:


    1. Ms Z. says:

      JO’M products are available in Clicks stores. Where do you buy your castor oil from? I use the one sold in pharmacies and that one has no stinking smell. Its about 13 pula a bottle at Link Pharmacy in Main mall. Refer to this post: https://hairinsights.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/the-wonders-of-castor-oil/

  4. TWABABE says:

    i bought mine at the riverwalk pharmacy but ke castor oil the one we know with the see through bottle
    and i would like to also know where you purchased your rosewater

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