Simple fro up-do styles

I’m trying to get myself out of the monotony of twist outs-I am a twist out junkie!-and trying to learn different ways to style my hair. Lately I have been experimenting with pinned up-dos. The first below is a poor imitation I did of Heather’s from Neno Natural. Her hair is much longer than mine so I knew they were going to look quite different. Below is Heather…

Photo credit: Neno Natural

And here is my attempt…

Because my hair is much shorter in the front I couldn’t sweep it to the side quite like Heather did. But I loved it, it’s cute, quick and easy to do. I used my hands and a bit of moisturizer to manipulate the hair into place then used a brush for my edges.

Basically you part it unevenly then separate the bigger side from the rest of the hair and pin it so its out of the way. The pull the rest of your hair back and braid it if it’s long enough or simply tuck it in and pin it down at the back of your head. Take the front that you separated and sweep it side ways and backwards and pin down. If your hair is long enough, you can imitate Heather’d do, if it’s shorter like mine, just push it in that general direction and allow it to puff up a little.

Be sure to check out Neno Natural!! Heather is a Malawian residing in the UK and she has a lot of hair care knowledge to share too! Subscribe to her blog to get a free copy of her e-book for those who want a crash course in natural hair care.

My second up do is one I copied from my cousin Tania who is quite good at styling. I employed the use of a big hair clip for this one. Same general principle as the previous one though.

Take the front middle part of your hair, form a hump going backwards with it and secure it with pins. Then take the rest of your hair and pull back into the clip. Easy peasy!

These up-dos are also great for people who work because they don’t take long to do and your hair doesnt have to be twisted previous to the style, just a little moisturizer will do.

Will share more style ideas as they come along! 🙂



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