Fro feature: Chio

Time for another fro feature!
The lovely Miss Chio was the first person I ever saw in my age group rockin a fro in our often youthful hip-hop driven environment. Girls my age with fros weren’t flaunting them daily. If they had a fro, it was often hidden by braids and weaves. And if hair was natural, it would be tamed into locs. Most of us at the time would not know what to do with fros if we had them. But then in would walk Chio with her curly crown and she would attract compliments from both guys and girls. I never for once though my hair could look as good and figured it would take years anyway before mine looked nearly as fabulous. So give it up for my original fro girl, meet Chio….
How long have you been natural?
I’ve been natural my whole life. My mom doesnt believe in putting any chemicals in children’s hair. When I turned 16 she asked if I would to relax and I said no. I love my hair, it is me, like my signature look.
What have people’s reactions been to your natural hair?
My goodness, people seem to gravitate towards my hair. They always want to put their hands all up in my ‘fro and truth be told that irks my soul. I dont want people touching my hair. Unless you ask me if its ok DON’T DO IT!! I feel like I should walk around with a sign on my forehead that reads “If you put your hand in my hair, I’m chopping your arm off!!!” ija! 🙂
What do you love most about your hair?
Without a shadow of a doubt I love the fact that I can wash and go. My hair type is a mix of type 3C and 4C. So, its curly-ziggly. It looks lovely just after I wash it. I dont ever worry about what I’m going to do with my hair. I absolutely love my hair. We have a weird sort of relationship. On a number of occasions I have been caught talking to it as I try and tame it.
What do you hate the most about your hair?
Honestly, there isnt anything I can think of that I dont like about my hair. I however do not like these random perceptions people have about people with natural hair. I have had people ask me if I sing, or if I am a poet because I have natural hair. Makes no sense to me.
What are some of the things you have done to your hair over the years? (eg dye, cut, relax etc)
I just recently cut my hair. It was a serious chop. Before I cut, I straightened it with a flat iron to check the length, it was way down to my bra strap. Now, its just below my ears. I have no reason for cutting it excpet I just wanted to. And I also just dyed it plum red. I made the dye myself and coloured it myself.
What’s your hair care routine?
Ok, so brace yourself, this is very detailed…
I wash my hair once every two weeks and deep condition my hair once a week.
When I deep condition I generously apply the product on my hair.I then wear a shower cap and sit under a hooded dryer for between 30 minutes and an hour. On a hot day, I sit in the sun and save power.  I use Tresseme conditioner and I mix it with a 100% coconut and almond oil.
Also I use lavender for my scalp. With the Lavender what I do is boil some water , throw in a few sprigs and allow to simmer. Once its cooled down, I use it as a rinse. I do this once every 3 months. Lavender is an anti sceptic so it helps with dandruff and other bacteria from all the stuff we put in our hair…I developed my hair regimen to help me keep track of what I use on my hair and this helps me see what works and what doesn’t. Also, this way I am forced to listen to my hair-yes, we have a relationship-hair does speak we just dont listen…



Tresemme Naturals  Nourishing Moisture Shampoo for dry / damaged hair or any other Tresemme’s suitable for my hair.
Motions shampooFor conditioning and Deep Conditioning:
Organics hair mayonnaise
coconut oil
castor oil
almond oil
carrot oil
Yep, thats the mini-version actually… Lol!!
What are your hair goals?
My hair goals are simple, I want my hair to always be healthy. Period!
Who is your hair idol?
I love Esparanza Spalding’s hair, and my mom’s. She has the most beautiful hair ever!
Esperanza Spalding
How has being natural affected/changed you (if at all)
Being natural has influenced how I eat and what I use on my skin. Most of the oils I use in my hair I use to cook and I use for my skin. Also, I recently discovered I love gardening. I learnt this when I started growing the herbs that I use for my hair (e.g lavender and rosemary). Now I have all sorts of stuff in my garden, bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, and so much more.
A big thank you to Chio! Get some hair care advice from her via her blog:

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