The new hair products & hair update

The new hair products

So this month I have to switch up my hair products because of a few reasons:

  • Tresemme has now started making my scalp itch for some reason. I am incredibly sad about that because with Tresemme I get the most bang for my buck. Both the shampoo and conditioner irritate my scalp so I’m dropping them.
  • Although I do make my own leave in, I would also like the option to have a pre-made one for use. Especially for midweek detangling when I just don’t have time to start mixing things.
(L-R) Pantene Pro-V repair and protect shampoo, Dr Miracles Curl Care Boosting and defining leave in and Pantene Pro-V Nature fusion strengthening serum.

Since I was very pleased with the Pantene Pro-V treatment I got, I decided to move to their products as far as shampoo and conditioner is concerned. I still have the Pro-V treatment I bought previously so I didn’t buy more. The Dr Miracles Curl care leave in is all natural! Sulphate, paraben,sodium and phthalate free so I was definitely all over that! It’s quite pricey though, 77 pula for 237ml. It claims to have honey, vitamins, aloe, jojoba and coconut oil.  It smells divine too! It also promises to hold your curls for up to 12 hours. However, I don’t have curl holding issues so I think that statement applies to people with looser curls. My curls are pretty stubborn and twist outs last 3 days minimum.Lastly the Pantene Pro-V nature fusion serum is another leave in and I mostly bought it because it’s a Pantene product….I know, that’s a little product junkism on my part but I couldn’t help it. At 58 pula it’s more reasonably priced than Curl Care,however it’s less than the Curl Care volume wise (145ml).

As for the rest of the products on my products wish list, I decided to drop a few and get others later. I won’t be buying the Protein feed as a friend of mine advised against it. She had tried it and said it left her hair (relaxed hair) very dry. The Clicks Hair Rescue detangler and leave in conditioner was a very watery solution so I already knew it wouldn’t work on my thirsty hair, it would dry up in a matter of hours. I prefer creamier leave ins because my hair needs thicker product. I had wanted two Dr Miracles leave ins (one marketed for relaxed hair and the other for natural hair) but since the Curl Care range is meant for kink I decided to abandon the other one. I was tempted to pick up the JO’M grape seed oil spray but I still have two unfinished JO’M bottles of orange spray and olive oil spray so I decided to wait till I finish those first. As for the pure oils I found, I still have a lot of coconut oil and castor oil in my hair arsenal so there’s no need to get more oils till I finish those.

Hair Update

My hair is currently throwing a fit I think. I mistreated it this past week neglecting to twist it for 3 days after I did a picked out afro due to the lack of time. Picked out afros (a fro made by teasing the hair up and out with a rat tail comb) on my extra kinky hair type have to be followed by twisting otherwise the hair just falls into a tangled heap. On the 3rd day I teased it into what I call an “organic fro” with my fingers and some styling mouse.

My “organic fro”

The next morning I washed it and deep conditioned with Pantene Pro-V treatment and aloe vera juice. When it was time to detangle I ended up with a small mass of knots on the floor. I have learnt my lesson. This weekend I plan to get some afro kinky twists done so I can take a break from my fro for at least 2 months. And maybe my hair can forgive me 🙂

I have noticed that it is definitely growing though. It’s beginning to tangle more (the shorter your hair is, the less it tangles) and my twists look longer. Quite please about that! Looking forward to the day when I can just wear twists as a style.

And that’s it!


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