Before the fro…

Just thought I would share what my hair looked like before I joined #TeamNatural.

It was a sad state of affairs I tell you….

It was very thin as you can see. Due to a strange experience with a hairdresser that did my hair for a beauty pageant it was very short in the front and almost twice as long in the back.

This was as exciting as it got when it came to styling, a part down the middle.

My regular “style” was pulled back into a folded bun.

These are the first and last micro braids I did! They were basically an expensive way to lose my hair line.

Then for a while soft dread/hard dread extensions became my signature hair style. I was always in these during my transition period! However I don’t do them anymore because they cause my ends to get damaged and split since the full length of the hair is not braided completely into the extension.

Then I did “the big chop” in 2010! I had stopped relaxing my hair 6 or so months previous to the chop so I had quite a bit of growth already as you can see. I lived in head bands and even at it’s short length did twist outs. I braided it often while it was short though, however once it got to a better length I braided much less.

To help keep myself interested I dyed it 3/4 times in the first year…yes not good! It still grew though slowly. I started with red plum, then did a a chestnut brown then went back to the plum. When I discovered Henna I put away the Dark and Lovely dye. However henna is not as quick to effect the colour of dark hair so I found a natural hair lightening method that I want to try soon. I love my hair when it has colour!

And that’s me pre cotton top! Those pictures above are exactly why I keep telling people I will NEVER relax my hair again. It just looked sad and was incredibly damaged and thin. I could probably do a better job of caring for it now (especially with the help of blogs like Africanhairblog and GAHL) but I love my fro too much to go back. My hair is now thick, interesting and it has character. I don’t depend on braids/weaves anymore to look good, my fro can make me look fabulous on it’s own.

Now why would I wanna put any relaxer on that kink!? I love my hair 🙂


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  1. youreadyb says:

    I wanna grow a afro too, starting to despise my relax hair more and more. One question that I always like to ask natural ladies, how do you manage to comb your hair. My 2 natural friends have soft natural hair so they don’t have much problems, but my natural way is too thick and too kinky! I can never pull a comb through it (gets stuck in the roots).

    1. Ms Z. says:

      DON’T COMB IT! lol. majority of us do not comb. We detangle or use our fingers. Take a wide toothed comb and start gently combing from the ends down to the roots. Don’t go from the root to the tip because this will push the tangles into a thick mass and cause the comb to get stuck. You have to do it in sections. Once you have detangled, to prevent it from tangling again over night, put it into twists or small french braids.(I detangle once a week) Then every morning u can just use your fingers to direct it into a style. The most u need is a brush to keep your edges neat. I’ll do a more detailed post soon but that’s what I do. DO NOT COMB IT. you’ll just break it and cause unnecessary pain.

  2. mel says:

    i enjoyed this..please keep the bantu hair!

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Thanks! I definitely will! 🙂

  3. matlhodi says:

    Oooh I lllove your hair on the last pic. Make me want to take down my… absolutely gorgeous.
    I can’t imagine myself with relaxed hair either. I’d rather go twa.

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Same here. TWA’s tempt me so much but I want to see how long my hair can get. Challenge accepted! Lol!

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