The return of the (box) braid


Looks like the humble braid making a come back!

Recently Beyonce , Brandy, Chrisette Michelle model Sessilee Lopez and Solange have been spotted in braids/box braids. Of course Solange has been rockin braids for a while now and Brandy is the original braids poster girl, but it’s nice to see other stars joining in on the trend. Finally, something we can all easily afford to emulate!

Beyonce in a braided high bun
Sessilee Lopez


Chrisette Michele
Brandy in braids on the set of her latest video


Solange Knowles in her now signature super long braids
Shaunie O’neal (ex wife of Shaquille O’neal) rocking some braids.



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  1. I’m a huge fan of the box braid! Hoping to get them soon, need a break from my hair.

    1. Ms Z. says:

      I used to be addicted to them! But I’ve managed to reduce my dependence on them now. 🙂 They are great for getting a hair break, you can just wake up and go!

  2. TWABABE says:

    do i actually have to wash em??
    and if so how?????

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Yes you do. What I usually do is dilute a little shampoo and a tablespoon of baking soda in 2 cups of water. Then I pour it on to my scalp and gently rub with my fingers. Don’t rub as hard as you would if your hair was out. Then rinse with water and you’re done. I also apply conditioner afterwards to the braid just to cover the length of my hair. Leave it for 15 mins again and rinse again. It’s best to use a cheap conditioner for that part. Then leave to air dry or blow dry and spray on a moisturizer. My hair is much cleaner now when I undo my braids and softer as a result. If you are leaving braids on for a long time it’s healthier to wash them every 2/3 weeks otherwise the hair will get dirty. I never stay in braids for more than 2 months and I wash every 2/3 weeks.

  3. TWABABE says:


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