Mother straightens 5 month year old baby’s hair….

A mother straightened the hair of her 5 month old baby and put the pic up on Facebook. If that doesn’t speak volumes about how black women feel about their hair, I don’t know what does! Besides the politics of such an act, the child is 5 months!! This cannot be healthy for the baby’s scalp regardless of what method she used to straighten it.

What do you think? Does she have the right to do what she pleases to her baby’s hair or has she gone too far?


6 Comments Add yours

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Yup, absolutely insane!

  1. thandeka says:

    Oh no. This is a sin! I have a 4 year old and have no intentions of relaxing her hair.

  2. miss kay says:

    OMG! babies scalps are so sensitive even plaiting shouldn’t be done at this age!

  3. kangopie says:

    so the little lady’s hair struggle begins…

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Lol! Indeed it does!

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