Hair goodies!

So I’m pretty excited! I finally got my hands on some Afro kinky extensions! What’s the big deal you say? Well first of all that type of extension is not available in retail stores here in Botswana yet and secondly its perfect for braiding afro hair cz you’re not trying to force your hair to blend with the usual silky straight types of extensions readily available in stores.

My days of using pony extensions are over! Once I wash my hair and it frizzes up, I have a curly bush peaking through my straight silky braids, not cute. With Afro Kinky on the other hand, my hair blends in. The brand I got is called Janet.

For those who want to get their hands on some here in Botswana, there is someone selling them locally. Drop me a line on my Soul Canvas Facebook page for her contact details. I’ll be braiding my hair with it end of August or beginning of September. In the mean time I’m head wrapping my hair to death…

My second hair goody is on special at Clicks pharmacy here in Botswana. Its Pantene Pro-V Triple Amino Instant Repair Treatment. Quite a mouthful.

It’s 10pula per 200ml tube so naturally the product junkie in me wasn’t letting that bargain pass me by! It promises to repair damaged hair as most hair products do. I bought two 200ml tubes.

I wouldn’t usually buy this but because it was so cheap I decided might as well give it a try. Instructions say apply on damp hair after washing, much like a conditioner, and leave for 3-5 minutes then rinse with warm water. Depending on how my hair feels after I rinse it out I may condition or not. But chances are conditioning is not necessary. It recommends usage once a week for optimal results. A review will follow after I have used it at least twice.

I fear how much product I will be using when my hair is much longer! 200ml doesn’t go far as it is. I am however beginning to stretch my wash days beyond a week so that I wash less times a month. Cheap homemade natural products will also come in handy.


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  1. Lin says:

    I LOVE the fabric you used for your head wrap! In fact, that’s how I first came across your blog, I googled “head wraps” and your post on turbans/wraps came up. Please do more more posts on head wraps/turbans/scarves! AND I’ve been looking for some afro kinky braids for the longest but I’ve had no luck in Swaziland…happy for you that you finally got your hands on some! Can’t wait for your post when you get your hair done…

    1. Ms Z. says:

      I’ve actually been wrapping a lot lately so will def take some pics for you! Yeah the Afro Kinky is quite hard to find, I hope it finds those of us in the south soon!

  2. Nachol Cravens says:

    You can find kinky extensions at “” WONDERFUL site, trust!

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