From the weave queen to the big chop


In a previous blog post about my first hair consult I helped out one of my friends who was going natural and was in the transitioning stage. Lo and behold last week she told me she had trimmed it then she came a few days later having chopped it all off! I was quite surprised because I didn’t expect her to go through with it so quickly.

She told me she had just gotten up one day and decided it was time to get rid of it. She went to a salon and had it cut, and then proceeded to panic afterwards wondering what she had just done. I remember that feeling! In a state of panic she bought a lace front wig just in case but after a while she got used to her new look and can now confidently walk around in her hair.

Pana in her new short do

She said she has received mixed reactions, some good some bad but either way she’s determined to keep going. Most people are just shocked that she did it at all because she used to live on weaves and therefore she was the last anyone expected to go natural. She is now in the process of discovering her hair and has found that she has 3 different textures; fine and soft to course and thick all on the same head! Her natural hair is a dark copper color and she says can’t wait till it’s long and bushy.

She loves roughing it up to give it that “uncombed” texture it has in the pictures. As for products she’s treating her hair quite well and I foresee product junkie behaviour in her future. Her wigs will still be used for days when she wants a change and maybe eventually she’ll relax it again but in the mean time she’s enjoying herself.

Do you remember your big chop? Would you do it again? Or are you thinking about it? Just go for it, nothing more refreshing than a fresh hair cut! And as they say: it will grow back, it always does.


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  1. Thoko says:

    Wow she looks cute. She has such a pretty face and the short hair is showing it off really well. On weather i would big chop again, the answer is i really would love to. I loved my really TWA, but i really hated the inbetween stage and i would never wanna go back there….

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Lol, I know what you mean! I am so tempted to chop it again but the growing out part has been so testing of my patience I don’t think I want to do that again now that I’m getting somewhere.

  2. holly says:

    she looks like a young whitney houston. totally cute.

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