Product Review: V05 Deep Nourishing Elixir with cashmere keratin conditioner

I had seen this conditioner mentioned on numerous hair blogs before but the V05 Moisture Milks – Moisturizing Conditioner (strawberries & cream) is the one often recommended. However we don’t have that type here, or I am yet to find it so I decided to try the one above.

A big plus for this conditioner is that it’s CHEAP!!! Super cheap!!! The bottle above was 18pula ($2.2/ ₤1.4)!! That is more expensive than  the prices I see online (just under $1) but its still reasonable for us here in Africa. My Tresemme Naturals conditioner is 70pula (₤6/$9.5) so you can see what a huge difference it is price wise. And the product doesn’t disappoint either, it’s a great conditioner! It left my hair super soft. It also provides a lot of slippage which is great for de-tangling.

According to the research I did online, Keratin is a protein that is the main constituent of hair, so adding more to it is not a bad thing. Keratin also has softening properties and helps strengthen damaged, brittle hair. Cashmere keratin is simply partially hydrolyzed keratin from Cashmere wool.Keratin is also used for straightening hair treatments but the most the keratin in this conditioner does is prevent frizzy hair, you will not loose your curls from using shampoos or conditioners with added keratin.

The pluses

  • Great for de-tangling
  • Leaves hair VERY soft
  • Leaves hair feeling silky
  • Great for damaged or weak hair
  • Cheap!
  • Reduces frizz
  • Nice scent

The minuses

  • It’s a “heavy” conditioner and weighs down your hair
  • Builds up residue after a few weeks of use
  • Can’t be used as a leave in conditioner

As you can see the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, it’s well worth a try! I almost finished the 200ml bottle in one application so I’m planning to buy a bigger bottle. I love it! No wonder it is often recommended.