Fro Feature: Tsholo D (One half of Gatsh Fros)

Soul Hair’s first fro feature! I hope there are many to come! The aim is for us to see African fro bearers that live in Africa and have the same products we do. I also want to share fros with the same hair type as ours which will mostly be extra kinky (4b/c). Most of the hair types I see online are more to the curly side, nothing wrong with that but I just can’t relate half the time. But having said that I won’t discriminate, anyone is welcome to share their hair.

Meet Tsholo, one half of the fashion duo Gatsh Fros. I asked her to share a lil about her beloved head of hair…..

How long have you been natural?

I’ve been natural since 2006 since I finished my high school..But ive been trimming it every year in and year out.

Why did you chose to go the natural route?

Well, I guess I was in pursit of nappyness,to be. Just be a BE—er. Besides I am not into the politics of weaves and hair relaxers.

Being a fashionista & stylist, how much did fashion affect your decision (if it did) and how has being natural affected your style?

Fashion, like art lives in everything- in every form, always all ways so my NATURAL hair is a part of my fashion, my art(style) AN afro knows NO BAD HAIR DAY.

What do you love most about your hair?

For me there’s just something about “unmade” things, hair included. I get bored easily so I love how I can easily transform it from being coarse bouncy, bulky, rough to straightening it out for a more relaxed look without using any chemicals . I just love my hair, it’s like a caterpillar, when you think its down and out, next minute it changes into a beautiful butterfly!!

What do you hate most about your hair?

I never oil my hair ever, dnt know why. You’d have to hold a gun to my head to get me to do it, I don’t get why I should (too much work) just don’t :/ so yaaah its dry!

In short, whats your hair care routine?

I wash it thrice a week, touch- touch, finger tips finger tips and am ready to go. I know, I DON’T have a routine. Remember, I love “unmade” things..

What are your long term hair goals?

No plans whatsoever, I cut my fro like 6 days ago.. Now am rocking a very short fro, WHY? Because I just felt like it, wanted a short fro. No long term goals but I know I’m about TO MAKE IT TREND

Who is your hair idol?

O.m.g! Nikkimae. Youtube/GOOGLE her, she has the dopest fro ever. EVER….EVEEEER. MAE (NATURAL CHICA). Google her!

Natural hair blogger & vlogger Nikkimae

Thank you Tsholo!!!

Catch her on her Gatsh Fros facebook page or her Gatsh Fros blog.

If you wanna share your hair don’t hesitate to email me! 🙂


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