Hair blog hopping (1)

So every now and then I blog surf my favourite fro/relaxed hair bloggers and find a few interesting articles. Here are this weeks finds (Click the pictures):

Alice in Nappyland has put together an international list of nappy hair blogs for those who want advice that’s closer to home…

Deepbrown and kinks looks at natural hair in the 60s…

The Black girl with long hair blog looks at the perception Nigerians have of natural hair vs the one African Americans have of natural hair…

Screwy hair recounts what went down at a natural meet up held in Nigeria end of last year…

(I hope one day soon we can have one here in Botswana!)

O’Naturals looks at naturals on African tv…

Zedhair gives us a natural oils crash course…

Kurly Kichana shares her hair cycle: the many different looks her natural hair takes on during an average week….

Fro Chic interviews afro bearing  jewelry designer Siya Stofile…

Joanne of GAHL shares her relaxed hair wash day routine. This article gave me an extreme case of hair envy!

African Hair blog (relaxed hair blog) shares a black tea rinse method for reducing hair shedding.

This is a relatively old post from African Tresses but I thought it was still worth a mention. She invites readers to take part in a weave challenge that encourages them to take better care of their hair while its weaved up. All you weave junkies might wanna give it a try 🙂

And lastly Good hair diaries shares her cute weave that she’s rocking through winter as a protective style.

What I love most about all the African bloggers is there’s no discrimination between the naturals and relaxed girls. We all tend to feature each other at some point. The focus is on healthy hair rather than the type of hair you may have which is how it should be. No nappy hair mafia allowed here!


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