Twisted up!

Finally got ma hurr did so I wanted to share what my hair care plan is for the time that I’ll be in braids. I know, looney to some maybe but healthy hair is a life long commitment.

I have waist long medium sized twists. I used One million extensions and plan to keep them till early August (I am hoping to model in an upcoming fashion show so I will have to have my hair unbraided for that, plan for success right?). My lovely cousin hooked me up wit the do and I’m enjoying my time as Ms Long hurr don’t curr 🙂

Terrible pic but its the only one I have showing the length of the hair 🙂

I went for medium sized braids to reduce the tension on my roots especially at the hair line area, thin braids are notorious for destroying hair lines. I know some people whose hair lines let them get away with murder but alas, mine is not one of them. So below is a close up…

Sorry bout that bright spot, my camera was quite excited…

Sometimes I am told it is not “that bad” but a few years back I did extra thin Sangita braids and they murdered my hairline. And now I feel like my hair has never recovered. I generally have fairly thin hair though so maybe I am overeacting. Either way I don’t want it to get worse.

So my plan is as follows:

1. Clarify and condition wash every two weeks

Basically I will mix two tablespoons of baking soda with two cups of a water and conditioner mix and just pour that on to my scalp, massage and leave for 10-15 mins. Then rinse and repeat. I’ve decided to ditch the shampoo completely this time mainly because I’m lazy. It just took too much effort last time because of how long my braids are. They ended up getting very wet and heavy and tedious to wash. With this pouring method my hair can stay loosely tied back while still allowing me to concentrate on my scalp.
2. Use JO’M olive oil braid and dreadlock spray as well as a mix of water and aloe juice to keep my scalp moisturized.
Usually I would just use the JO’M spray alone but I’ve decided to add the aloe juice to help sort out itchiness. Aloe vera can also prevent/cure dandruff which I tend to get a lot of when in braids. Over use of product on my scalp generally induces itchiness for me (it’s easy to get carried away with the spraying) so I’m also hoping to reduce that by alternating with the aloe juice and water which is not as ‘heavy’ as product is on the scalp.
3. Leave my braids loose as often and possible.
Tying it back a lot will increase the pull they have on my hair (though my braids are relatively light weight, they are not non existent). When I do tie them up it will be loose.
4. Moisturize and oil my hairline with JO’M cinnamon & Jojoba oil moisturizer and castor oil everyday.
Both these products are known for encouraging growth and reversing hair loss so their task is to keep my hair line safe.
So that’s the plan. Short and simple. At least I think so. As always any braids showing signs of ‘committing suicide’ shall be saved and re braided. Will see how this works out!

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  1. Orama says:

    I got my braids done like that a couple of weeks ago n this info will prove to be very useful. Will definately try the clarifying thing.

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Cool! Lemme know how it goes 🙂

  2. Kas says:

    Hi, i got those Sangita braids last November and was erroneously told they could remain in my hair for up to 6 months. I guess they were like micro braids (absolutely tiny, took me two visits to the salon of 11 and 6 hours respectively to get them done) and were done in the style of twists so were easy to take out, but I smartly decided to remove them ahead of the 6 months after I realised the braids which would occasionally fall showed my hair was thinning. Since then I’ve cut my hair (a big chop) and am hoping to grow out my hair (healthily) as a natural using braids and weaves before I put in relaxer (won’t be for a while).

    1. Ms Z. says:

      6 months!!! That was terrible advice!! Glad you took them out earlier. No braids should stay for more than 2 months especially not micro braids. I used to keep my braids in for 3 months minimum which was bad!Especially because I never took care of my hair while it was in braids so by the time I removed them my hair would be really dry and brittle which lead to breakage. And yes braids falling out with hair is a very bad sign too. I used to ignore it but I no longer do. As soon as I see one come out with my hair, I remove them all.
      But congratulations on the decision to grow healthy hair! There’s endless tips online for both natural hair and relaxed hair so I guarantee you will reach your healthy hair goals. For now you can hang out with me on this blog and when you relax I can refer you to some good blogs to follow too.Welcome!

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