Asians with Afro’s, Braids and musings and thoughts

Great commentary on the article I just re-blogged below about Asians who love rocking the black fro.

An Afroetic Narrative

Remember my previous post many moons ago, when I went trolling for pictures of what I considered to be the phenomena of Asians sporting afro’s, braids and dreadloc’s. However, it appears this has been a trending style in South Korea for more than a score, and perhaps even longer in Japan than I originally imagined.

It hasn’t escaped my notice that it is that post in particular that has lead many to my blog and which has gotten the most hits, linkbacks, and ‘likes’, included search terms with the tags ‘asian afro’, ‘afro asian’, ‘korean dude with dreadlocks’ ‘asian afro perm’ ‘afro hair’ ‘natural afro hair’ and many other variations and combinations. As the internet term goes, it’s ‘trending’ the web so to speak.

Having read through some of the discussions on different websites, forums, and blogs, there is some stigma among some Black people that this emulation ‘natural’ Afro-American hair is to…

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