The Asian Afro, Braids and more…

You always want what you can’t have. Asians with kinky hair, who’d have thunk it?

An Afroetic Narrative

A few weeks ago, I was in walmart doing some grocery shopping, and I saw this group of Korean teenagers shopping for what looked like school supplies.  When I went to check out, I noticed the Korean guy in front of me was rocking a Afro.  So, I was trolling the web and happened upon what is called ‘The Asian Afro Perm’, being instantly intrigued, of course I starting digging for more info or images on this Afroetic presence in Asia.  The Afro perm, dreadloc’s, and conrows are apparently popular in Korea and Japan, especially with the youth that are intrigued and/or admire African American and African Carribean culture/music.  The style is also know as the Reggae Perm or Afro Perm.  We know that on Afro hair, a perm/relaxer is used make curly, kinky hair straight, however the perm/relaxer when used on Asian bone straight hair, it has the reverse affect…

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