The wonders of Aloe vera Juice

I was told about the wonders of Aloe vera juice aaaaaages ago but never jumped on it I suppose because I was too busy trying everything else. But I have finally gotten around to it, I was forced to by my hair. I did not like how it had began to feel and through various blogs and YouTube videos that I had seen I had been assured that if you wanted your hair to be smooth and soft, aloe juice was the way to go.

Some benefits of Aloe juice (via Fine Hair Sister) include:

  • It’s a natural conditioner so it makes your hair super soft
  • It’s great for fighting frizz and smoothing your hair cuticles
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Can control/eliminate dandruff

Popular natural hair video blogger Kimmaytube used it to make her infamous PH neutralizing leave in conditioner with it. Her leave in recipe received tons and tons of positive reviews, so I thought why not? And I gave it a try. The basic recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of aloe juice, 2 teaspoons of two essential oils and 2 tablespoons of a cheap leave in conditioner (or a silicone free conditioner which is safe to leave on hair without rinsing out). In her particular leave in she uses jojoba oil and castor oil. I used what I already had which was coconut oil and some orange oil JO’M spray. You can use olive oil as well and I found another blogger who just used coconut milk instead of a second oil.

(left-right) Pure coconut oil, Aloe juice, JO’M orange oil spray and Tresemme Naturals silicone free conditioner.

I mixed it according to the required quantities and applied it to my hair before sealing with a shea butter mix I made with pure coconut oil and my JO’M olive oil dreadlock spray.

my shea butter mix
My Kimmaytube inspired leave in conditioner

I do my washing, detangling, moisturizing and sealing at night so after applying the stuff, I did some medium sized twists and threw a scarf on to let it dry overnight. In the morning I was pleasantly surprised. My hair was ridiculously soft and felt awesome when I felt the strands between my fingers. The slightly crunchy feeling I get after washing is finally gone!!!! *Throws glitter in the air* Nothing worse than a crunchy hard afro. Organic Aloe juice (i.e. has no preservatives) does go bad if you do not refrigerate it after opening. However, if I try make the leave in with cold Aloe juice, my coconut oil will harden so I have to get it to room temp first before mixing.

Using the leave in once a week is not enough though, applying a little through your hair every 2-3 days is better. Alternatively you can just apply the aloe juice on its own. I also mix my aloe juice with conditioner especially when I’m out of my Tresemme Naturals conditioner and using other brands. You can also make a spray with the aloe juice: mix with water and a little bit of any essential oil of your choice and put it in a spray bottle. African Hair Blog also wrote a post on Aloevera juice and shares a pre-poo recipe that uses Aloe juice.

Buh-lieeeeeve me when I say, Aloe juice is the bomb dot com! Lol! Kimmaytube should have patented that recipe when she had the chance! 🙂 Whether you perm your mane or keep it kinky, Aloe juice is the truth, go get you some!!

P.S. Here in Gaborone I found it at a Links, a local pharmacy by Main mall. It’ll only set you back by 20bucks for a small bottle and 40bucks for a big one. You should be able to find it in certain pharmacies, organic stores or health stores.


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  1. Tendayi says:

    This is a great post. The bottle you have in your pic is the one of the brands we get in SA supermarkets. They produce a lot of great stuff that can be used for hair eg bentonite clay, molasses, honey etc

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Thanks! Yeah I saw some of the other stuff they have, I was tempted to buy the apple cider vinegar as well but I reigned in my inner product junkie and decided to start with Aloe first. But I will definitely be going back for more!

      1. Tendayi says:

        I have ACV. Use it occassionally. Bought the bentonite clay whcih I use as a face mask. Love it! I havent used it on my hair though.

      2. Ms Z. says:

        Hmmm…I’ll put those two on the to buy list 🙂

  2. TWABABE says:

    uhm were can i find the parachute coconut oil ??? been looking for it
    and aloe does wonders and my hair is much more shiny
    my hairs bling bling!!!!

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Glad the aloe is working for you! The coconut oil can be found at indian spice stores. I can send you directions to one in Gabs if you need them.

    2. silent_observer says:

      you can find it in choppies but sometimes it is sold out

      1. Ms Z. says:

        thanks for the heads up, my pharmacy hasn’t stocked it in a while!

  3. TWABABE says:

    thank you would love directions

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Do you know where shoppers is in Broadhurst Industrial? Or Total filling station? Its just off Nelson Mandela drive (to the left when you’re driving towards Block 8 from the Bull and bush 4 way) I think there are 3 turns to the left into Broadhurst Industrial along that road from the bull and bush traffic lights, the one you’re looking for is the 2nd left turn.After the turn, there is shoppers on the right, just after shoppers you turn right again and go to the end of that road.on the right you should see a little store called Reliable. They sell Indian spices. They also sell pure coconut oil and almond oil.They have two types, the Amla version and one in a blue bottle which is the one you want because that one is pure, you can also use it to cook. Its 40 bucks for a big bottle, and half that price for the smaller one.

  4. TWABABE says:


  5. silent_observer says:

    have you heard of flaxseed/linseed gel many youtubers say its great natural diy hair gel I thought you would want to try it out I saw the linseeds at the molapo crossing herb store and also my spar behind riverwalk 😉

    1. Brandy says:

      Yes I’ve heard of it but generally I don’t use gel much. I have some aloe gel that I’ve been staring at for months, lol. but I’ll do some research and maybe try it out. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  6. I love aloe vera juice of gel for sunburn treatment, and I also believe it is makes a great skin protector
    to be utilized after shaving or on dry patches of skin.
    We are already delivering product with a beverage companies that blend our Aloe
    Vera with a soft drink kind of drink. There a wide
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