Style Ideas: Work styles (Updos for small fros)

I’ve recently started my holiday job and therefore I can’t rely on my usual style, the twist out, anymore. So I’m experimenting with work styles this week till I find a few staples to stick with. However, in the coming 2/3 weeks I plan to braid my hair so I won’t have to struggle for too long.

Before attempting any style, I have found that my hair is easier to work with if  I have stretched it with twists.  I spray it with a little JO’M hair spray or lightly apply my Kimmaytube inspired leave in conditioner and twist it (more on that Kimmaytube leave in later). Alternatively I twist the dry hair then spray or apply leave in afterwards. I make sure not to apply so much that it shrinks, just enough to get rid of the dryness and mostly concentrating on the ends.

I make the twists quite small, about the width of my baby finger or slightly smaller. It’s tedious and takes ages but it’s much better for styling. If the twists are too big my hair looses the length gained through stretching quickly and becomes this big blob after a few days. At my current length (5/6 inches) this is the most effective way for me to get a lasting wavy texture and stretch.

I did my mini twists on Sunday and will see how long I can go without having to retwist, I’m hoping to make it to Friday. Now that I can hold a tiny puff I’ll try tying it up over night to stop it from being patted down into a blob while I sleep.

Day One

For the first day I did some random haphazzard tuck and roll thing. I’m not sure what to call it to be honest. I did one roll up the back of my head, one on either side and where they met in the middle I left a little out to tuck backwards. I hope that makes sense! And when I say roll, I really mean attempted to roll. Given the length of my hair when I try roll it (unless I do it strictly with lines as though I’m corn rowing it), it will not listen to me so it may start out as a roll and turn into a puffy pinned down mass, but it works either way. I used tons of clips/hair pins as well (super cheap from Pep, like 3 bucks for 10 or something), pins are my best friend.

from the top

I apologize for the  bad picture quality but I hope the style shows!

Day two

For the second day I wanted to clip my hair in the middle of my head with a big clip I haven’t used since going natural. I slept with my hair covered with a scarf and I hadn’t tied it up in a pony tail before covering it so it was kind of a clumpy mess in the morning. To “wake it up” I used some JO’M spray and roughly messed it up with my hands to separate it from the clumps it had formed. Then I kind of moulded all my hair to the middle of my head using pins to hold stray hairs in place. I then put the silver clip where the hair met.

I think the texture my hair gets from the mini twist makes any simple style look interesting. With this twist out my hair doesn’t tangle much and I won’t need a comb till it’s detangling time later this week, my fingers are more than enough at the moment. Both these styles take 5 mins tops which is great since I have the habit of waking up late.


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