Shea’s back in my life!

A good friend of mine has sent me liquid gold for my hair: shea butter.

It’s pure unrefined and odourless. In it’s current state I could use it for my skin, hair and even cook with it if I wanted! This the second batch of shea that I’ve had at my disposal for hair use, the first finished about 2/3 months ago and my life just wasn’t the same after it. I tried ORS olive oil hair cream and I’m currently using ORS carrot oil cream and coconut oil. The Carrot oil cream plus coconut oil has worked better among the products but nothing I have used has made my hair softer than shea butter can. The JO’M sprays have come the closest, especially the orange oil spray but I wouldn’t compare them because the spray is for everyday use while the creams and butter are mainly for moisturizing and sealing on wash day.

I have written a post about it before for those who are not familiar with it. Because it is produced in West Africa it is quite difficult to find within Southern Africa. However I was told it may be available through some salons here in Botswana, and once I confirm the exact salons and retail prices I will spread the word.

Now knowing the value of what I have I plan to maximise its use this year. I’m currently hunting for a good recipe for a shea butter based moisturizing cream then I’ll add it to my hair regimen. Super excited!

Have any of you used shea butter? Do you mix it or not? Lemme know!


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  1. FroChic says:

    Girl, where do you buy your unrefined SB?

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Got a friend to send it from the UK. She got it online. 1kg is about 20 pounds. But it costs waaay more than that to send cz of the weight which is so frustrating.

    2. Ms Z. says:

      But you might get lucky if you ask around the west african community since it originates from their countries. They might know someone who sells it or who can bring it.

  2. mimi says:

    Shea butter is also available in East africa the one sold here is the east african version

    1. Ms Z. says:

      How much is it there? I would love to get some for selling here. And since East Africa is closer to me than West, it would be easier.

  3. silent_observer says:

    im in desperate need of SHEA BUTTER

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