Winter is coming…

I’m tired of my hair. I was detangling it yesterday after my weekly wash and condition and I was a little rough on it because my patience with it is wearing thin currently. It’s time to hide it. Just as well because winter is fast approaching down here in the southern hemisphere.

I will be working during winter and therefore will have less time to deal with my hair and so I figure now’s as good a time as ever to attempt the protective style challenge. Basically the idea is to keep my ends hidden for the whole of the winter season which is about 3/4 months. I get one week off every month to treat my hair and let it “breathe” then its back to another protective style.

I plan to start with braids but not ones as long and heavy as my 90’s braids were…

I want to do some bra strap length twists and attempt to keep them for two months.I will try to find extensions with a texture that are close to my hair texture so that I don’t have to straighten my hair before braiding.

I will be relying on the JO’M hair sprays for moisturizing and JO’M moisturizer to keep my edges in check during that time, and will wash and condition once every two weeks (See braided hair care tips here). When those first two months are up I have no clue what I’ll do next, hopefully an idea will come to me.

Currently though, the routine continues, my hair is in the usual twist out. I have been experimenting with flat twists lately and I found that medium to small ones stretch my hair out more. It’s much faster than doing a cornrow and is less tedious. However I’m not sure where to place them in my routine yet, currently I just do them when I’m too lazy to twist.

For those living in the southern hemisphere, what are your winter hair plans?

Side note: Hope to start featuring local fellow naturals soon! excited! 🙂


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  1. Lin says:

    Hey there! I just got braids last week:) I’m loving the dark brown-reddish colour – the itching not so much:-/ Anyhoo, I’m planning to keep them on for two full months. Also, slightly paranoid about my harline but have been using castor oil religiously and not tying the braids back.

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Hey! I know what you mean with the itching, my hair’s been itching quite a bit lately (even tho I don’t have braids) and I dunno why, my products havent changed. Maybe its the weather, dunno. I wanna braid soon too though, Im tired of my hair, we’re not getting along ryt now, lol. It’s not doing what I want it to do so I think we need a break from each other. That castor oil will keep your hairline safe, have no worry! It’s a tried and trusted hair line protector, lol.

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